Help Me, Agony Can’t!

Help Me, Agony Can’t!

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My boyfriend’s really into music and wants to go touring with his band but I want to go touring with my Puppet Theatre Group, what shall I do?

It’s a tricky decision, I feel your pain.

A music career in this day and age is, undoubtedly, profitable at this current time. If you were to go on tour with your boyfriend you could live the modern rock and roll lifestyle of drugs, pugs and sausage rolls. The tour could take you to popular music venues in areas like Hackney or Shoreditch. But more than likely you’ll end up breaking up with your boyfriend and asking for more advice from an Agony Aunt.

However a life of marionettes sounds interesting. No one would string you along per se and you would be in complete control. Before you know it you’ll be on Britain’s Got Talent wowing the judges with your individual act and maybe, just maybe, the Royal Variety show.

Either way you’ll be living the dream. My advice would be following the road that makes you most happy, not one that will make you money. And remember, a puppet is for life, not just for Christmas.

Bugger it, I’ll join you on your marionette quest. Ditch the boyfriend; I’ll be your girlfriend while we’re at it.

Hollie Gayes, Fringe Agony Aunt