150 150 Ventnor Fringe

So, Ventnor Fringe is now in full swing. It’s Saturday, people. Mush!
We’re all going maaaaad and I’ve only been here for 18 hours.

I sincerely hope you have plenty of plans for today, there is a veritable feast of programming for you all to absorb, in the lovely Ventnor sunshine no less!
There’s Macbeth (6pm, Holy Trinity Church), the Illuminated Carnival Parade (9pm, in
town) and, to round the evening o , the Blind Mole’s Ball with Boogie Belgique (10.15pm, The Vaults) just a tiny part of what will be going on today.

What’s been your favourite bits so far? Late nights at the Observatory? Catching some bands at the Free Fringe at Parkside in the sunshine? Or what about sloshing your beverage of choice all over yourself to a particularly hearty rendition of Toto’s Africa at the live karaoke with the late night sessions in the Crab and Lobster? Who are we kidding – everything is a highlight.

You’re in a bubble here in Ventnor. A wonderful artistic, musical and beautiful bubble here at the bottom of the Isle of Wight. Let every little bit of it soak in. Let it wash over you like a ne, ne wine.

But we mustn’t get complacent in our paradise…the sands of time are against us. You’ve got today and tomorrow and then it’s all over for another year!

#suchdeep #manymeaningful 


By Ben Hansen-Hicks