150 150 Ventnor Fringe

From the belly of Texas comes this all American singer song-writer.

Beautifully harrowing and witty American tales sang along to the all too pleasing soft tones of an acoustic guitar.

The modern tales of American life as it is known today. Kiya Heartwood has found fame among her many followers and has led a very interesting life.

It was during her time at college when she was playing with a band called Radio Café that Kiya got her first break. Herself and drummer, Kopana Terry, were sought out and signed by Castle Records; this is where we find the inception of Stealin’ Horses.  

With the band, Stealin’ Horses, Kiya found rock music fame. Their time with Castle records was short until the band found themselves stuck in the no-man’s land of a bidding war between 17 different record labels. This battle was finally won by Arista.

To give you some idea of Kiya’s career, back in 1987 she and her band played at South by Southwest Festival, for those that aren’t aware SXSW Festival is kind of a big deal in America (and the rest of the world).

A year later Stealin’ Horses was featured on an album with names such as Russ Kunkel, Toto and Neil Young! The band then went on tour across the US and Canada with various different bands, some of which were Level 42, The Stray Cats and James Brown.   

Stealin’ Horses disbanded in 1993 which was the year that Kiya brought out her first solo album, True Frontier. And so we have it, since 1993 she has been blazing the various trails of the world with her solo career and this week has hung her hat in Ventnor.   

This will awaken the country singer within. I have often (more than I should admit) imagined myself on the back of an American Quarter Horse playing my cord acoustic. Though the reality of this feat would without a doubt have me skidding the floor on my backside with one foot in the stirrup and guitar nowhere to be seen. I just REALLY want to be an American country singer, alas my Angelo-Saxon blood will not have it.   

“An award-winning American singer-songwriter who writes smart, funny and poignant songs about the famous and not-so-famous legends of America” – Edinburgh Fringe 2014

Kiya Heartwood is playing this evening and tomorrow at 8.15pm in Ventnor Arts Club.