I’m Just Here For The Boos

I’m Just Here For The Boos

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

I had a big old row with the girlfriend last night I’m afraid to inform. Plates were flying, doors were slammed, it was awful, it really was. Luckily in the end she finally admitted we’ve got a poltergeist.

The Royal National Hospital was located in the same place as our Botanical Gardens are situated now and was opened in 1867 to deal with tuberculosis and other chest diseases. The climate of the area was an important factor in its choice of location and the hospital continued its vital work rehabilitating patients for over a century, until advances in medicine and the decline in these diseases resulted in its closure and demolition in 1969. ~ INSERT MOON LANDING CONSPIRACY HERE~

There are several accounts of demolition men and contractors of the old building being left as trembling husks after being “badly affected” by a secret voyeur they could sense but never see.

The terrifying accounts of evil spirits terrorising the grounds became so extreme that an official report was written up. There were numerous pleads for either the Anglican or Roman Catholic Church to investigate the area and to expel any undesirables but the exorcism was supposedly never performed. Several further accounts came to light before the demolition was completed in July 1969.

If you happen to be in the area be extra cautious not to rile up any of our incarcerated native souls, we really can’t be held accountable for their actions.

Huh? A sceptic are you? Well it just so happens that this ruggedly attractive, devilishly charming writer just happened to see one only the other day.

It was just outside the Botanical Gardens en route to St Lawrence when I came across a dead baby ghost. Actually on reflection that very well could just have been the handkerchief I dropped, I guess we’ll never know. In the words of TV hunk and cult idol David Duchovny, THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.