“Only In Ventnor…”

“Only In Ventnor…”

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

Well hello there, it’s Poppy Janella your fashion guru. Today I’ll be giving you a run down of odd garments you would only find in Ventnor. So all you Mainlanders and visiting Ventnorians, listen up – This could make or break your dress code for the week….

  • Wellies when no rain is apparent.
  • Pyjamas worn as every day clothes 
  • Odd Earings upon each ear
  • A rather large Quiff
  • VELVET. there will be much velvet
  • A Cravat 
  • Terrifyingly bright colour combiniations. 
  • General lack of clothing due to our confusion with this ‘summer’ that happened one time… 
  • No socks allowed






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