Let’s Get Launch-y

Let’s Get Launch-y

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What’s the time, Mr Wolf? It’s bloody Ventnor Fringe time! A whole year has passed since we last saw you all. Did you miss us? Have you been keeping well? 


The Ventnor Fringe team have been busy little bees this past year assembling the best Fringe to date. This year’s festival will be jam packed with EVEN MORE theatre and dance. 

    Even more than last year? You ask. Yes! Even more theatre and dance! Additionally there will be a side portion of local outdoor screenings and a healthy dollop of returning artists – all packed into one delectable, mouth-watering week.

    But wait, there’s more! The VFringe team even have a cheeky treat for you this year: The Ventnor International Festival. This whole section is dedicated to the International phenomenon’s of the Pokémon age; giving you peachy lot an even bigger and better experience. The Ventnor International Festival will play host to regular faces, Toby Thompson, Dizraeli and Bane (Probably not the notorious Batman villain but we don’t know how he spends his weekends). 

    Don’t they treat us so well?

Sadly the Woodland Bar won’t be returning to Fringe this year. It’s for the best, really. We wanted different things, we’re on two different paths and quite frankly we just need some space. I kid, I kid. The guys just thought it was time for a change. 

    Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. There is a spectacular new venue; The Parkside & Outdoor Cinema located on Park Avenue.

Make sure you head on down to The Fringe Launch Party and welcome talk this evening at 7pm at the Observatory Bar. In previous years this event has commenced with a few words from festival director, Jack Whitewood followed by music and merriment.

    Various performances will be executed around Ventnor throughout the rest of the evening spanning from The Tempest at Ventnor Botanic Gardens to The Chalkpit Rubble Club at this year’s secret venue –pause for dramatic effect… 

    Last, but certainly not least, the evening will be drawn to a close by wonderful Parkside Comedy at, you guessed it folks, our brand spanking new Parkside venue. So much to do yet so little time! Don’t forget to pick up a copy of our free programme for you, your neighbour, your dog; whoever!

    P.s. The Observatory is a Poké-Gym


By Hollie Hayes