I’m Hooked!

I’m Hooked!

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

Capitan Hook; our thoughts turn to the typical villain of a children’s story, like many others he is just the ‘big baddie’ who steps in the way of good ’cause he can. There’s no more to it. Is there?

Think again. In his show ‘I Hooky’, Olly Fry presents a whole new insight in to the mind of Hook, adding depth and seriousness (but not without humour!) to a character that is not so childish after all. And,not forgetting, his toy bear Smee!

Olly gives us the perfect one-man performance, captivating his audience entirely. He also gets the audience involved, adding spice to the soliloquy.

This is a truly great show; funny, dramatic and emotional – what more can you ask for?

By Evan Wragg