150 150 Ventnor Fringe

“He’s Exceptional” MOJO

“A refreshing whi of anarchy” Classic Rock

“Great depth & wit” UNCUT

“This guy is just super mega cool.” Laura Clare Reid

Tensheds is a northern, punk, piano playing maestro. He wears steam punk. He looks a bit deranged. This pleases me. I’m in. Need more convincing? Think; The White Stripes meets Tom Waits via Nick Cave or Mike Scott sharing the same stage as Jerry Lee Lewis. He accurately calls his style 21st Century Blues. Want more? Okay.

Tensheds has been awarded the Discretional Rock Award. Do you know who presented it to him? Rick. Bloody. Wakeman. And you know what else? Tensheds has supported the likes of John Mayall, Mick Taylor, Manfred Mann, Paul Kelly, Roger Chapman, Paul Young and James Burton. Hazel O’Connor is so taken with Mr Sheds that she’s asked him to support her on tour four times and counting.

But let’s talk about the music, shall we? Tensheds piano playing combines his classical training (Royal Scottish Academy of Music, darling) with an e ortless, sexy blues technique. His voice is both rough, sweet, soaring and intimate. And, as a pianist and singer I’m not jealous. At all.

Tensheds will be performing a two set type gig at Parkside at 6.45pm today. The rst half will be acoustic, then he will be joined by drummer Ed for a proper rocking second half.

He is a multi-award winning musician. Rick Bloody Wakeman gave him one for goodness sake! So why are you still reading this article? Drop this paper immediately and purchase a ticket to Tensheds Live in the Park! 


By Laura Clare Reid