Less Pie, More Vinyl

Less Pie, More Vinyl

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

 Pie and Vinyl are slapping Ventnor with a palette board of new and upcoming sounds from just a stone’s throw away; Southsea!

    The Southsea Showcase is part of a new partnership with the Ventnor Fringe team to build an artistic bridge between the Island and the mainland; essentially, making Southsea and Ventnor sister towns – not inbred unlike common misconception. 

    Jack came up with the project after researching postcodes for common interests of music in our area. He then realised Southsea were of a similar canny mind-set to us creative lot, and so formed an healthy alliance between House Southsea and House VFringe. 

    Well, anyway! These three bands are defined as the epitome of the evolving independent music scene in our small town. If you need your daily filling of music, this is definitely the show for you.

    From 6pm the likes of Battery Hens, Jesse Wyldes and The Stallions, and local heroes Spafftits will perform something especially charming (and loud), so prepare to have your mind blown far, far away. All the vinyls, minus the pies. 

By Hollie Hayes