For the Child Within

For the Child Within

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

As the sun fades, the moon rises and you think all is quiet until the twinkling of a music box tantalises the sleeping toys to life.

Feast your eyes on a fantastical family friendly show, The Toymaker’s Dream at The Assembly Hall 18:00 tonight.

Toys from across the ages are bought to life in a live and kicking show by the IOW’s very own LVB Dance.

The professional dance troupe boast locking, popping, classic ballet and contemporary dance in their repertoire and their set even features flips, tricks and contortion. The show is sure to rekindle your childhood memories and the endless hours of adventure you enjoyed with your closest and dearest cuddly bear or ever amazing nimble action figure.

There are even some Marvel superheroes too to protect against those creepy porcelain dolls and their scary lolling heads. But be sure to be sprightly and don’t be inert, or the toys may steal you away into the depths of their toy box! 

By Jordan Royl