Island City Music

Island City Music

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

Sounding somewhere between the streets of Verona and an ambient forest, Island City Music present an interesting mix.

One that should be heard and felt; I mean that in that sense of the bubbling sensation you get when the bow strikes the strings of the violin, or softly sweeps it and the music takes you.

To all those hatin’ classical scoffs, for me, this is the very point of music and all its varying notes.

I have always been a sucker for strings and that classical melody that sweeps me away. I am sure that those who scoff at classical and prefer the thrashing of a guitar will be struck with the simplicity of a twiddling melody that will haunt and inhibit them too.

This band have successfully created, with their ingenious playing, a modern twist to some very classically constructed songs. Which are not constrained or mundane; they instead present an electric experimental mix that pricks your ears.

Island City Music will be playing at 2pm on Saturday in the Central Car Park if you missed them.

By Jordan Royl