Media Team Highlights

Media Team Highlights

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Hollie’s Highlights:

Best bits? More like best fits. My personal favourite from the entire week were the varying styles of trousers worn by Matt Hitt. This young reporter sported a luxurious range of pants (Hollie turned American here for some reason) alternating from sequined skin tight bottoms that left nothing to the imagination to a charming pair of Lacroix chords. All complimented by an umbrella hat and many clever witticisms. From the Ventnor Fringe I would say that my biggest highlight was without a doubt the fantastic Kiya Heartwood and Tejas. 


Matt’s Highlights:


Well, what a week! We’ve been through a lot haven’t we?

As the festival draws to a close, don’t be downhearted, there’s still plenty of madness and excitement to be part of.

I’ve been on stage four times this week with one more show to go tonight and I couldn’t think of a better way to end what has been an amazing week. Just like every year, I’ve met some wonderful people, sung some marvelous songs, and sampled some fantastic food. I’ve also not slept for what feels like a week and all my eight pints of blood have replaced with gin.

One of the aspects of the Fringe that brings me back every year is the volunteers. This motley crew come from far and wide and bring their infectious enthusiasm with them. Late night card games, a Kate Bush Singalong and an impromptu poetry battle were just a few of the wonderful antics of this band of crazy fools.

Alongside returning faces, new friends are made as the Fringe Family grows year on year and we’ll miss them all when they drift back to their normal lives.

Sleep will come tomorrow, but for now I’m off to don the sequins once again. And maybe one more gin.



Laura’s Highlights:

You know darlings, I’ve been shackled to either a typewriter (okay, laptop) or a piano for most of the week. I’ve lost the feeling in my fingers tips. But when I have managed to escape media/musician servitude, I’ve managed to catch some corkers.

Ever is a favourite, her ethereal electro pop makes me feel things. It’s the soundtrack to the life I’d like to be having. I’d be wearing more floaty dresses whilst watching sunsets whilst “Bones” plays in the background. She’s going to be big. Get in there now and be that person who is like “yeah, I was into her before she got famous”. Be that person.

Next is a northern import to the Ventnor Fringe, Miles Goodall. A piano based singer song writer, he has a sophisticated song writing ability, with soulful vocals and complex chord arrangements – far too mature for his age! He is from Liverpool but is currently based in Brighton. He has already caught the attention of BBC Introducing, BBC Merseyside and national radio across the south of England. Another artist to start getting excited about now so you can lord it over your friends when they get big. Go on, you KNOW you’re that person.

Finally I’m going to bang on about bangers. Juicy ones. Smothered in thick glossy gravy, nestled on a fluffy bed of creamy mash. The Bangers and Mash trailer at Parkside has been making people very happy this week, including this satisfied sausage enthusiast of a reporter. Using only local ingredients and with delicious veggie and gluten free options, The Event’s Co’s latest foody enterprise is bound to take the festival gastro scene by storm. But we got them first! Ha!

Oh yeah and let’s not forget The Ventnor Darlings…