An Interview with Olly Fry

An Interview with Olly Fry

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Tell us about your show, where does it come from?

My show came out of a wet and windy few weeks spent in a tent at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival doing a play I hated. I decided to make sure this never happened again.  I Hooky, I feel, had to be made because personally I feel that today there is a wide social expectation for people to grow up fast and, as we all grow and develop differently, this can lead to people to feeling that they missed something as a kid. So my own experiences of childhood can be felt by the audience too.

What should the audience expect?

The audience should expect to see pirates, mermaids, tribes people and one very lost boy. 

Why should I come to your show?

It’s a show that balances the quirky and personal, as well as giving the audience a chance to meet their inner child. 

What is your history with the Ventnor Fringe Festival?

I came two years ago to the fringe, but last year was the first time I performed a rough version of this. Since then, I have toured the show to Cardiff and Bath. It’s great to finally bring it back home to where it began. 

What’s next for Olly Fry?

I’m started a new project at the Quay Arts Centre in Newport, Isle of Wight. And, I’m just about to finish writing a BBC submission. 

Anything else Olly?

Hey, who doesn’t like pirates?


By Laura Clare Reid