On Your Marks… Get Set… Austerity

On Your Marks… Get Set… Austerity

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

The Austerity Games is an elaborately comical spin on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The performance is set in 1940s Britain after the spoils of war and the implementation of the NHS, following a pessimistic Mrs Britt (played by Emma Sian Cooper, writer) during the 1948 London Olympic games, who perfectly depicts the reluctance to change into a post-wartime widower. 

    A resentful Mrs B is beckoned by her nephew to celebrate the Olympic games to which she bitterly declines. Between re-enactments of governmental propaganda, Mrs Britt is visited by three influential spirits –the spirits of Olympic past, present and future (Taresh Solanki, Director) – who attempt to install enthusiasm back into the sceptic widow by means of favourable memories and Olympic highlights. 

    This award winning comedy drama is expressive, extrovert and downright entertaining. Throughout the show is persistent audience participation and witticism which accentuates the underlying themes of austerity in a country that has felt the strains of war. 

    Though this is Tell Tale’s first play from 2012, the act presents many similarities to a scrouge-like Margaret Thatcher. Having said this, I don’t know that she was ever met with three ghosts, nor do I believe she ever truely repented her polital wrongdoings. Hey-Ho!

    I can only describe the show as mockingly brilliant, this is a definite must see at Ventnor Fringe. 

The Austerity Games will be shown at Pier Street Playhouse Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6pm. 


By Hollie Hayes