Theatre Breakdown

Theatre Breakdown

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

The week has flown by at a dizzying speed and the weekend is already upon us. Have you enjoyed the week thus far darlings? I thought you might have. 

    That can only mean one thing, it’s time to shake off those aches from the dreadful Ventnor hills and get grooving on the dance floor. With that Friday feeling it’s time to swear your allegiance to all that is theatre as the day is chock-a-block with theatre and dance all around the “ghetto” (OFSTED approved). 

So let’s get started!

    The first performance to kick us off this joyous day of theatre is Good Night, Little Bear (3pm, Victoria Street Studio). If you missed them yesterday then fear not, the amazing story of one little girl and her polar bear will be with us for the entire weekend. Though with the increase in global warming and greenhouse gas emissions it would be a wise idea to head down sooner rather than later.

    Next up we have Nothing To Wear (4pm, Parkside) and The Austerity Games (6pm, Pier Street Playhouse). If you want to be star of the show and get yourself involved I would strongly recommend for the ultimate audience participation experience.

    He’s a gangster, a loveable rogue and isn’t the manic recurring nemesis of Batman. Bane, come on down! This four-part performance tells the story of a hitman, Bruce Bane, as he tries to find out who’s after him. Though the show is split into four parts it can be enjoyed both as a journey or a stand-alone performance, so make sure you pick up copy of the Fringe programme for more details. 

    Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others buy tickets to Twelfth Night at Holy Trinity Church, 8pm. After their successful Richard II and Edward II last year, Scena Mundi Theatre Company have prepared yet another weekend special for all you Shakespeare fanatics out there in a condensed format of 1 hour. 

    Lastly, if you’re a fan of something a little different, a dark and funny drama awaits at Pier Street Playhouse, 8pm, entitled “Hidden Mother”. The award winning Off-Off-Off-Broadway Company’s latest piece depicts the disastrous tale of two patients in a British mental asylum convinced of a glamorous lifestyle.  

    There’s an awfully busy day ahead of you, fellow Fringers. The early bird catches the worm, so make sure you pick up your tickets from the Exchange!


By Hollie Hayes