Margaret’s a Shady Lady : Review

Margaret’s a Shady Lady : Review

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

Shady Margaret & her wardrobe malfunctions is exactly what it says on the tin. The evening is a cabaret consisting of a band of misfits and talented performers all mixed together to create on spectacular and peculiar evening. 

    If you have already seen the performance, or are planning on seeing it this week, expect to see eleven theatrical performances of singing, dance, spoken word, theatre and even burlesque. The show for me was entertaining from start to finish, beginning with a disgruntled magician known by the name of “Boris” performing an array of magical mishaps and comical blitz, and ending with a captivating live burlesque strip *wolf whistle*. A personal favourite from the evening was what can only be described as a backwards strip tease from the wonderful Alison, who executed the sauciest segment of the evening. 

    What can the audience expect to see? Who better to answer that question than the producer of Shady Margaret himself!

    Lewis Wheeler said: “Something bizarre. It depends on where you draw your lines of your bizarre. For some people it’ll be very bizarre for some people it’s not. A lot of dancing, a lot of clowning, funny stuff, and something hopefully to take away and think about as well.”

    Whether you’re a fan of theatre or open to something new, this will be right up your alley. The cabaret implores audience participation and encouragement, which is wholeheartedly received by the performers. I would strongly recommend the occasional whistle and cheer!

    This peculiar performance will be shown again this evening at the Victoria Street Studio, 9pm. Be sure to pick up a ticket from the Exchange! 

By Hollie Hayes