International Festival: Day Two

International Festival: Day Two

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

The Ventnor International Festival has begun its mission to delight and bewilder the minds of the Fringe. Houston, prepare to have your mind thoroughly blown.

    Last night proved to be an awfully big success, darlings. The International Festival side was kick-started (not physically, we at Fringe don’t condone physical violence) with Toby Thompson’s intimate Caravan Sessions. Parkside comedy then closed the evening with a witty comical show at the Parkside venue. 

    The specials on the menu for this evening: Three truly scrumptious local screenings located at the Ventnor Arts Club and the euphoric musings of Toby Thompson. One of many returning Fringe artists, Toby will be performing an intimate show for up to five lucky spectators in our vintage Caravan Debby located in Parkside over the course of this week. 

Prior to Toby Thompson will be two local screenings of Ventnor orientated films all for the price of a small donation. The first, 150 Years of Steam, celebrates the historical innovation of steam on the Island, including footage of the land that time forgot: Ventnor Station. Following 150 Years of Steam will be Unseen Ventnor, consisting of unearthed film and video depicting the Great Storm of 1987.  You can watch these cinematic masterpieces from 3pm onwards at Ventnor Arts Club.

    If you’re as excited as I am then make sure you head over to the Exchange to pick up your tickets or face the consequences of missing these spectacular performances, thus lacking your own interjections when your friends are reminiscing. 

Local screenings: 150 Years of Steam: Wed – 2pm @ Ventnor Arts Club Unseen Ventnor: Wed – 3pm @ Ventnor Arts Club 

Toby Thompson’s Caravan Sessions: 2pm, 2:30pm & 6pm. 

By Hollie Hayes