150 150 Ventnor Fringe

So far at the Fringe there has been sheep stealing, bird watching, and this evening the Parkside guests will witness Cowes Speaking.  Well actually, there won’t be any talking cattle but there’ll be a lot of laughing. 

    Started in 2013, Cowes Speak brings together a rag tag band of comedians, poets, musicians, magicians and a man who break into locked boxes. How’s that for a hectic, chaotic comedy variety show? According to it’s founder Adam Gaterell it will be “the most important thing you’ll ever see even if you don’t know it. Cowes Speak is like a part of your brain you didn’t know you needed.” 

    He continued… “I don’t really know how it came about. It started out as poetry in a pub and has twisted into chaos in the form of performance.”

    With a different mix of artists each time, the show is riotous, shambolic and totally bonkers. Today will see the bedlam brought to Ventnor, with fun, music, sing-alongs, breaking things, comedy, poetry, slightly rude drawings and prizes for all  – or at least prizes for many.

    To say Cowes Speak is a little bit mad would be the understatement of the festival. 

    Join them at Parkside at 7:30 – get your tickets now! 


By Matt Hitt