So long! Fair well! Ventnor Fringe, good night!

So long! Fair well! Ventnor Fringe, good night!

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Another year gone and another week of amazing acts, however today is sadly the last day of the Fringe. I know, right? Shameful. But this is the time we can sit back with a brew and reflect on the amazing acts that joined us this year.

Once again, we’ve been spoilt for choice with theatre, dance, comedy and music, with some amazing acts performing at the Woodland Bar – something I thoroughly look forward to every year. One of my personal favourites this year was Richard II performed at Trinity Church by a group of fabulous Shakespearian actors. The performance was set horizontally through the audience to create an immersive show and followed the tragic tale of Richard II’s disposale of power, excellently executed by the actor that plays him and his subjects. Laura Reid and the Observatory; or as us locals like to call it, The Poo Palace.

One of the year’s best events is the library lock-in, a nice of spoken word, poetry and booze. Each year Fringe is able to bring some excellent acts to the table and each year it gets better and better. Game, set and match.

V Fringe has gone swimmingly this year, wouldn’t you agree? Aside from our atrocious British weather we’ve been having we have managed to battle the elements and put on a damn good show, each year bigger and better. I’ve seen more street performances than you can poke a stick at, which gives Ventnor back its carnival atmosphere.

So fair well for this year. We hope you have enjoyed yourself at lounge around town.