No Tea, No Shade

No Tea, No Shade

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

There’s a strong theatre game at this year’s Fringe.  Alongside more established companies, there are a number of newer ventures showcasing their work. I sat down for a chat with Lewis and Amelia from Phystheatre whose new show, Shady Margaret and Her Wardrobe Malfunctions, will be debuting this week.

So, is this your first time at the Fringe?

This isn’t the first time performing at Fringe, but this is the first show we’ve created and shown.

Where has the show come from?

It’s a development of Lewis’ previous work that started out all over the place, and now distilled into a ‘proper cabaret act’.

What can the audience expect? 

Variety. There’s elements of all sorts of things, it’s nice to show such a wide variety of things – Dancing, spoken word,  singing, comedy. There are elements of normal burlesque, but deeper stories coming through the individual pieces. We wanted to make a show that entertains but makes an audience think.

Why should I come and see it? 

Because it’s brilliant!

    The company are obviously very proud of what they’ve done, and so they should be– creating a brand new show is no easy task and I for one am really looking forward to seeing the result of their creative minds.

    Or, if you’re after something more traditional, perhaps an outdoor production of Shakespeare’s Tempest might entice you. Hopefully Prospero won’t have an effect on the local climate!

    Also, returning to the Fringe this year are Bonchurch Theatre Group with their recent sell out production Faltering Steps by local play write John Goodwin. Recently described as ‘A triumph…gripping, thought provoking work’ it’s going to be a great show. Whichever you choose (why not all three?), grab your tickets now to avoid disappointment.

Shady Margaret: Tues/Wed – 9pm @ Victoria Street Studio The Tempest: Tuesday, 7pm @ The Botanic Gardens Faltering Steps: Tues/Thurs – 8pm @ Pier Street Playhouse.


By Matt Hitt