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July 2016

Tim Arnold

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

London singer-songwriter, composer and producer Tim Arnold, is heading to St. Catherine’s Church for an evening of intimate acoustic music, presented by Luke Joynes and Fret Buzz Magasine. 

    Tim will be coming to Ventnor following successful shows supporting Wet Wet Wet and performing on the Hard Rock Stage at the Isle Of Wight Festival.

    Tim was recently compared by THE Iggy Pop to the legendary late musician David Bowie. This peaked my interest to no end, so I began doing some research. I was firstly delighted to discover that Tim was once a part of Britpop outfit,  Jocasta.  This pleased me.  Then I read up on Tim’s impressive and diverse musical CV whilst listening to a selection of his tracks. He has been the Master of Music at Shakespeare’s Globe. He has been a songwriter for Universal Records.  But wait, there’s more; He is also the founder of Save Soho, campaigning to save music venues in the London district, alongside Stephen Fry and Benedict Cumberbatch. 

    His singing will move you, it is full of emotion and conveys the power of his lyrics beautifully. The songs are passionately delivered and at times anthemic. In the unique setting of the late Georgian St Catherine’s Church, this will truly be a memorable evening.

 He will be joined on the night by two other fantastic acoustic musicians, Kyle Chapman and Anna Rice.

    This show is in aid of WellChild UK; a national charity working to ensure the best possible care for children with long term or complex health conditions. 

    Tickets are only £6 for beautiful music in a beautiful venue. Atmosphere guaranteed.


By Laura Clare Reid

H. Hawkline

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

We are graced by Heavenly signing H. Hawkline at this year’s Lounge Around Town. Having just released his critically acclaimed record ‘In The Pink of Condition’ in February, he is all yours for one day only. Huw Gwynfryn Evans, the man behind the sound, is calling the record simply ‘strange pop’, an homage to the maverick U.S. author Richard Brautigan (the Hawkline name appropriated from Brautigan’s 1974 ‘gothic western’ The Hawkline Monster) and a just-turned-solo Paul McCartney (Huw namechecks Ram, an album coincidentally recorded when the once-and-future Beatle was also twenty-nine). It’s reminiscent of a lot of west coast 60’s psychedelia and was unsurprisingly recorded in Los Angeles, the city to which Evans relocated from his native Wales to in 2013, with long time collaborator Cate Le Bon producing. Retaining his lo-fi jangly British pop sound, Hawkline somehow manages to venture into the unknown combining a variety of important cult genres. I can assure you he is not to be missed, catch him at (insert time and venue here).

It’s Wight Nice

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

If you’re in the mood for some deliciously wicked gourmet street food, head down to The Observatory and search out Wight Nice Food.

Keep an eye out for their bright blue vintage horsebox (named ‘Faith’ by the way) where you will nd Matthew and Nina selling their wares. Today’s selection was a variety of burgers and freshly ground, Island roasted co ee. The service was great, friendly and fast.

I had a chat with Matthew while waiting for my burger to brown to perfection and found out they’re a relatively new enterprise, starting up earlier this year.

They’ve already found their feet and you can now nd them at various public events. They’re also available for private hire too- Find them on twitter or on their website ( for more information.

I opted for the bacon cheeseburger, with extra fried onions and I was certainly not disappointed. Cooked to order, there was no hint that this was one of those burger van o erings that had been sat on the hot plate for a few hours. It was fresh and wonderful. I highly recommend heading down the hill and grabbing a something to eat – it’ll give you that extra boost of energy you need to keep the party going over the weekend. 

By Matt Hitt


150 150 Ventnor Fringe

Best for Last is a term heard all too often. Why is it that when something is last it should be best? Having said this, Lounge Around Town is going to be insatiable. My point is that we’ve had a fantastic array of actors, singers, puppeteers, magicians, traders, volunteers and of course yourselves join us in Ventnor this week.

I mark Ventnor Fringe as my cultural injection of the year. It’s a rare occasion that you are able to cruise the streets at a leisurely pace and encounter a barber-shop quartet, Island City Music in full band busking or Jack Pout with his guitar.

I had the fortune to chat with wonderfully charismatic Eve Ferret for the second year in a row, a sit down with Joan Ellis and meet both of Ed Summer’s alter egos, Seska and Karl Sparx.

Then moved by a Shakespeare play (Scena Mundi), fell asleep in an art exhibition (UAC) and rekindled by childhood love of Zap with Lejo (Hands Up).

It’s not over just yet; we have a full music bonanza today! Last year’s Lounge Around Town saw the likes of Champs, Alessi’s Ark, Pale Seas and a Dj set from The Maccabbees own Felix White. Today will kick start at 1pm in the Woodland Bar with DJ’s and continue until the pinnacle with Hooton Tennis Club. 

We’d love to hear your tales. If you feel so inclined to share we’d love to hear them, email

The Fringe Fashionista

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

Well hello, my name’s Matt, a local musician, artist and beard wearer. Alongside performing at various venues this week, I was flattered, nay, humbled to be given the responsibility of searching out fashionable offerings and scouting out the best dressed Fringers’ for our daily Fringe Review.

Anyone who knows me will know I have a penchant for a lot of knitwear (Q. Is it wrong to wear a cardigan over a cardigan over a jumper? A. NO!) and own more shoes than I reasonably have space for.

Most of my wardrobe is locally sourced and I’m often to be found roaming the charity shops in Ventnor; if you have a spare few minutes I fully recommend trying the RSPCA, Diabetes Research, and Hospice shops.  If you find any gems, come find me and let me know – you might even be my Fringe Fashionista of the day!

If vintage is your thing, head along to Parkside and have a rummage through some of the lovely pieces that The Events Co. Presents Sweets and Swag have to offer and grab yourself a beautiful bargain. Or if you have anything you want to sell, speak to them and they’ll do their best to find your garments a new loving home. 

Explore Ventnor through your screen!

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

Minecraft fans rejoice, our own ‘VIG’ (very important geek) Chris has designed an amzingly detailed Ventnor on the popular game Minecraft.  Chris will not only be releasing his pixelated Ventnor online, but also hosting special session at Ventnors own MineCraft club this Saturday, 8th August at 2pm.

You can purchase prints of his work from The Exchange or at the Undecided Art Collectives Dream show during the fringe.

Check out the OnTheWight article on Chris’ work here.

Fringe Fashionista

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

Look at this dashing gent!  You may have seen him lurking at the back of various venues this week as the official Fringe photographer.  It’s Tobias! Local ladies’-man, man’s-man, man-about-town. Genial gadabout, and all round good egg; I like the cut of his chemise. 

    Does your mother let you go out like that? She should! Tobias wears some new (and quite painful) boots that he found in a charity shop this afternoon and a shirt that looks like a metallic, autumnal sofa. Velour is not something that everyone can wear, but he wears it well. 


How do you style yourself each day?

I start with a base of black then pick out a shirt. I hold it up to my mum and if she hates it, I put it on.  

Where do you get all these wonderful shirts?

Charity shops mainly, and Thailand. I bought a lot of shirts in Thailand, all for about £1.  

Anything you would never wear?

Flares. Or leather trousers maybe. 

Anything else to say Tobias? 


I’ll let you get on your way. 

Fashion of the Day

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

Well, what a beautiful Wednesday we’ve had Fringers, the sun has prevailed and the grey dispersed for the day!

There were so many fabulous summer outfits at carnival, but my fringe frock actually went to sleek chique Helen Egleton.

Sporting an all black bohemian look with aztec silver to match, she was rocking Ventnor sea front. Low rise is the new high rise, and with ‘the height of summer’ upon us, it’s always okay to get flip flops on and that cheeky bit of midriff out.

Wednesday’s top tip is – keep it simple, keep it black, add some silver and a flip flop to match.


150 150 Ventnor Fringe

It has reached that time in the festival where the members of the media team have quite frankly lost it.

As I type I am being serenaded by our glorious editor making various bird noises – or are they raptor calls? (I’m sure you all remember what Jurassic Park 3 taught us; they communicated through a series of squawks, and I believe anything Sam Neill tells me). 

Anyway, speaking of birds, there’s de nitely something avian going on at St Catherine’s Church this afternoon. Birdwatching in Madtown promises to be a hoot. The immersive experience may ru e some feathers, but why not kill two birds with one stone and cater your need for both music and storytelling in one hit. 

The residents of Madtown cordially invite you to experience the songs, stories and rhymes that comprise the magic of a much- loved local pursuit.

Regardless of whether you’re a twitcher or not, come along and bring a friend or the family – you’d be quackers to miss it.

Birdwatching in Madtown: 1pm & 3pm @ St Catherine’s Church. 


By Matt Hitt


The Ventnor Fringe Review Show: Tuesday

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

It’s the first day of the Ventnor Fringe Festival 2015!


The Review Show 2015: Tuesday (Scena Mundi / Kiya Heartwood / Rachael Berry) by The Ventnor Fringe on Mixcloud


In the Exchange today the review team are joined by theatre company Scena Mundi (in costume) who discuss Shakespeare and Marlowe ahead of their week-long run of performances. Rachael Berry from the Undecided Art Collective tells us about their Fringe exhibition about dreams and 80s rocker Kiya Heartwood is bringing her one woman show all the way from Texas to the Arts Club for this year’s Fringe – she also has a song for us!

The Ventnor Fringe Review is a daily podcast recorded in the Ventnor Exchange at 11am, it is an opportunity for artists and performers to have a chat about their work and get to know one another. Brought to you by Miri and Caty (AKA Drench & Prawnders, media gurus) the review show is a delightful teaser for visitors to the Fringe who can’t make up their mind what to see.