Grab a Poet

Grab a Poet

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

A Little caravan in a wooded glade – who should appear out of this most whimsical of settings but Ventnor’s own Doris Doolally. 

Hello Doris, how the devil are you?

Hello Fringe, I am very well indeed thank you. 

What are you doing here at the fringe?

I’m just about to run a poetry workshop in the pop up caravan in the park at the fringe where we will hopefully create some comedy poems.

What’s next for Doris?

I’ve been very busy in the run up to the Elegy Emporium at Boomtown Fair. We’ve been busy creating obituaries for our crew, collecting taxidermy and doing photo shoots among a number of other things. After Boomtown, I’ll be performing at Reading Between the Lines Birthday Party, and Cowes Speaks V-Dub takeover. 

What’s this Elegy Emporium?

It’s a combination of visual and performance art. We will be doing live performance or rhyming couplet obituaries, measuring people up and face painting them after they’ve had their fortunes told.  It’s all very exciting. 

Exciting indeed! It’s been a pleasure Doris. 

By Matt Hitt