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Fringe Fashionista

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Look at this dashing gent!  You may have seen him lurking at the back of various venues this week as the official Fringe photographer.  It’s Tobias! Local ladies’-man, man’s-man, man-about-town. Genial gadabout, and all round good egg; I like the cut of his chemise. 

    Does your mother let you go out like that? She should! Tobias wears some new (and quite painful) boots that he found in a charity shop this afternoon and a shirt that looks like a metallic, autumnal sofa. Velour is not something that everyone can wear, but he wears it well. 


How do you style yourself each day?

I start with a base of black then pick out a shirt. I hold it up to my mum and if she hates it, I put it on.  

Where do you get all these wonderful shirts?

Charity shops mainly, and Thailand. I bought a lot of shirts in Thailand, all for about £1.  

Anything you would never wear?

Flares. Or leather trousers maybe. 

Anything else to say Tobias? 


I’ll let you get on your way.