The Fringe Fashionista

The Fringe Fashionista

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Well hello, my name’s Matt, a local musician, artist and beard wearer. Alongside performing at various venues this week, I was flattered, nay, humbled to be given the responsibility of searching out fashionable offerings and scouting out the best dressed Fringers’ for our daily Fringe Review.

Anyone who knows me will know I have a penchant for a lot of knitwear (Q. Is it wrong to wear a cardigan over a cardigan over a jumper? A. NO!) and own more shoes than I reasonably have space for.

Most of my wardrobe is locally sourced and I’m often to be found roaming the charity shops in Ventnor; if you have a spare few minutes I fully recommend trying the RSPCA, Diabetes Research, and Hospice shops.  If you find any gems, come find me and let me know – you might even be my Fringe Fashionista of the day!

If vintage is your thing, head along to Parkside and have a rummage through some of the lovely pieces that The Events Co. Presents Sweets and Swag have to offer and grab yourself a beautiful bargain. Or if you have anything you want to sell, speak to them and they’ll do their best to find your garments a new loving home.