5 minutes with… Ben Rouse

5 minutes with… Ben Rouse

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Bringing Ventnor Fringe to fruition has become a huge task each year, and even with a team of fantastic volunteers and supporters, we have to raise a lot of money every year to deliver the event. We’re incredibly grateful to a range of sponsors and partners who have chosen to support the event including Mackenzies Accountants, The Royal Hotel Ventnor, Red Funnel, Wightlink, Visit Isle of Wight and AJ Wells.

A new supporter of the event this year was Rouse Ltd. A local firm with a long track record of supporting local events and non profits. We had a char with CEO Ben about their involvement.


Rouse Ltd sponsored the Comedy & Cabaret Tent at this year’s festival. What made you want to get involved and help support an event like the Ventnor Fringe?

Home-grown events have the potential to become major attractions and if we get the opportunity to support a sound idea then we welcome that. The Island has long been known for its creativity and Rouse Ltd is keen to help nurture and develop that.

We take a nurturing, holistic approach to financial planning as well – many of our clients have come to see us about a specific problem but have remained with us – some have been with us for more than two decades. Over the last few years we’ve been building Rouse Ltd’s presence in the community and one of our initiatives has been financial education. Last year we successfully brought our financial literacy presentation into most of the Island’s 6th forms – it’s aim being to give that age group an insight into controlling their money before they launch themselves at life, whether into a job or while they’re at university – and we’re intending to do that again in the next academic year.


Who are Rouse Ltd and what do you do?

We’re a team of independent financial planners, based in Newport. Our team comprises Chartered Financial Planners and Certified Financial Planner™ professionals. We are specialists in pensions, investments, tax planning and mortgages. And anyone reading this who thinks they’re too young to be thinking about a pension – you’re not! Now is never too early!


What makes you choose the Isle of Wight as the home for your business?

I was born and brought up in Ventnor so it has always been special to me. I have spent time away but I think, as many people find, the magic draws you back! Having the business based on the Island means we can offer a good work/life balance. Obviously, there are some great leisure opportunities!


What are the challenges and benefits to being based on the Island? 

In terms of challenges, the Island can sometimes be perceived as a place of limited opportunity and some view the Solent as a barrier to progress. That might have been the case at one time but now there are some very forward-thinking, creative businesses in a variety of sectors based here. And with the development of Gigabit Island it will make it a more attractive prospect for businesses who want to be connected but still enjoy a more relaxed place to live.


Where can people find out more about Rouse Ltd?

On our website, rouseltd.co.uk. Or contact us at balance@rouseltd.co.uk. We also have regular podcasts uploaded covering specific topics in financial planning.

Thanks Ben for taking the time to have a chat.  

There was a fantastic range of acts to choose from this year – congratulations again on the growth of the Fringe.


If you’d like to support the Ventnor Fringe please get in touch at hello@vfringe.co.uk an we can explore how to work together.