New Artwork by Hugo Bilton

New Artwork by Hugo Bilton

900 1273 Ventnor Fringe

We’re very excited to unveil new artwork for this year’s Ventnor Fringe.

Inspired by the legend of the ‘Ventnor Giant’ the series of bespoke illustrations has been created by Island artist Hugo Bilton. The designs build on new narrative begun in 2019 and where inspired by a mural created by the celebrated street artist Phlegm, which you can still see in the centre of Ventnor.

The artwork was created in the lead up to the 2018 festival, as part of an island-wide project called Lift The Lid. It was rated one of the best in the world by the Amsterdam based ‘Street Art Today’ journal, and despite being 3 stories tall it’s incredibly detailed. Like the festival’s artwork look closely and you can discover many tiny features.


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