What makes performing at Ventnor so special?

What makes performing at Ventnor so special?

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We’ve always believed there’s something special about Ventnor, this dramatic clifftop town that provides the perfect backdrop to the festival.

For many performers travelling to perform in Ventnor, whether during the Fringe or at other times of the year, it’s become a regular b-line from the normal touring circuit. We spoke to some of the artists who have made it an annual pilgrimage to find out what keeps them coming back!

Charlie Dore, Musician

“This will be our 4th Ventnor Fringe and each year I’m always fascinated by the sheer diversity of events. I love being part of that festival buzz and it seems that energy is reflected back by our audiences. Beyond our own bubble it’s like an Arts version of a brilliant street market: you’re heading out to buy some comedy and on the way you fall in love with a 1940’s book bus, a punk opera, a drag cabaret and end up at a puppet show. My only regret is that I never get to see enough of it. Next year I’ll book AIr B & B for the whole week. ”

Charlie Dore is performing at St Catherine’s Church on Friday 23rd July. Book Tickets


Ahir Shah Portrait Shoot TOR Studio Saturday 12th September 2020 ©The Other Richard

Ahir Shah, Comedian

“I’ve been visiting the Island to do stand-up for several years now, and my favourite bit is always after the show. The real treat is sitting in a line on the beach with friends and a beer, watching the sea roll in and a quantity of stars unimaginable to this Londoner’s eyes unfurl themselves across the canvas. There are many things in this world that serve to remind us (or do they remind us that we serve them?) how small and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. Would that they were all so beautiful.”

As well as hosting Pick of the Fringe, Ahir Shah will be previewing new material in the Comedy & Cabaret Tent on Friday 30th April. Book Tickets


Luke Wright, Poet

I’d barely even heard of Ventnor five years ago when I arrived wet-socked one march for a tour gig, but what a brilliant surprise. Ventnor has all the faded seaside charm we Brits demand from our coastal resorts plus a smattering of interesting vintage-y shops, cafes, and the incredible Ventnor Exchange which is one of the best small venues in England. I’ve gone there every year since and my heart always leaps when the taxi drops down the hill and I see the sea. And I can’t wait to return this July when I’ll be performing some bawdy Georgian street ballads at the Ventnor Fringe. Long live the Isle of Wight!

Luke Wright will be performing ‘The Ballad Seller’ in The Magpie on Tuesday 27th July. Book Tickets


Gráinne Maguire, Comedian

“The Isle of Wight has the friendliest, warmest, best looking audiences in the world. I look forward to visiting  every year- all comedy festivals should be as fun!”

Gráinne Maguire will be performing her new show ‘Subtext Is For Cowards’ in the Comedy & Cabaret Tent on Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th July. Book Tickets