The Noise Next Door Interview

The Noise Next Door Interview

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Today we’ve been chatting with The Noise Next Door to find out more about what to expect at their debut Ventnor Fringe show!

Twelve time sell-out veterans of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and one of the country’s most sought after comedy club headliners, The Noise Next Door leave audiences everywhere in awe of their lightning-quick wit and totally original comedic talents. They have been performing their own distinctive brand of off-the-cuff comedy together since they met at university.

Hello Noise Next Door, we’re very excited about seeing you perform at Ventnor Fringe, will this be your first time at the festival? Are you looking forward to visiting the Isle of Wight?

This will be our very first time at the festival and we can’t wait! We fully plan to make the most of the trip over to the isle and do all the most painfully touristy things available – hang out at a chine, befriend red squirrels, get one of those little glass lighthouses full of coloured sand… The works.

For someone who’s never seen you before, how would you describe your shows in three words?
Excellent improvised comedy.

Improvising on the spot is quite a skill! You must have had some fantastically strange scenarios played out in the past. What are the wildest suggestions you’ve ever had to deal with? Any particular stories spring to mind?
Yes, yes, we are very skilled. At this one thing. Ask us to put up a shelf and you’ll soon see where our skills fall short! Because everything we do on stage is made up, on the spot based what our audience wants to see every show is very different and every show surprises us! We’ve had everything from a story about a group of Spanish nuns robbing a bank to a rap battle between William Shakespeare and Winnie the Pooh. Our job is to be ready for anything and spin it into comedy gold but audience members can still catch us out. We once asked our audience for a household object and someone suggested a Viking longboat! Anything goes.

After such a long time with limits on live performances due to COVID, it must feel great to be back on the road again. What have you missed about live performance most?
We can’t stress this enough. It’s really nice when a room full of people applaud you when you finish work. We think it should be implemented across all sectors.

The Noise Next Door will be performing their improv show ‘Out and About’ at the Magpie on Sunday 25th July at 9pm. Book Tickets