Ventnor Fringe

The Isle of Wight's multi award winning festival

Blinded by Moles

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The most auspicious of all events is the Blind Mole’s Ball.  It seems that this wildly unexpected event has drawn so much attention that it is nearly sold out. While…


150 150 Ventnor Fringe

I awoke from a dream to find Fringe a translucent reality. The clock has been ticking and all has been relatively smooth in the run up this year’s Fringe. In…

A Guest House Violent & Sarcastico

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We’ve all seen the old classics like the renowned “Carry On” films a hundred times and still buckle over at the same scenes. Guest House Paridiso adopts that similar, slapstick…


150 150 Ventnor Fringe

Some may be aware that we have a new employee manning the box office desk this year. If you’ve been keeping well-informed you’ll have seen him on our Instagram and…

Portrait of a Town is Down

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The Portrait of a Town finally went up today! Having tried to plaster these images to the floor on Tuesday and failing due to windy weather, then the second attempt…

Free the Fringe

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Alongside the vast array of ticketed events on offer at the Fringe, there are also many opportunities to immerse yourself in culture with free events. By purchasing The Fringe Pass…

Explore Ventnor through your screen!

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Minecraft fans rejoice, our own ‘VIG’ (very important geek) Chris has designed an amzingly detailed Ventnor on the popular game Minecraft.  Chris will not only be releasing his pixelated Ventnor…