Variety Is The Spice Of Life!

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Introducing the very first Big Fringe Variety Show – A spectacular night of revellery and laughter from a selection of some of the finest acts at this year’s festival.

Can’t decide what to go and see? Join us in the Big Top on Sunday 25th July at 6.30pm for this unique extravaganza as we present a mixed bill of six new acts you wont want to miss, bundled together for the perfect night out! 

Your host for the evening… Joe Black!

Dark cabaret DRAG darling, musical comedy misfit and vintage vaudeville villain Joe Black will be master of ceremonies. Living somewhere between the stages of music, theatre and comedy, Joe Black takes an audience firmly by the hand and guides them into a place where the strange and unusual reign supreme. Sounds very Ventnor Fringe!


Elsie Diamond 

Elsie Diamond is an international burlesque performer, cabaret singer and compere. Inspired by the music hall tradition of comic song, opera, pop culture and her background in costume design, Miss Diamond has an eclectic repertoire of sultry routines. Be it wartime classics, 18th-century satire or classic fan dance, Elsie will add a vintage sparkle to grace any occasion. We can’t wait to see what she brings to Ventnor! (You can also catch her full length solo show at the festival)

The Ventnor Darlings

Ventnor’s very own Darlings have been knocking about this old town for a long long … long time. They are regularly to be found in local establishments butchering the classics. Singing along is encouraged, if only just to massage their egos. Often to be described as ‘musically adequate, but always well dressed’, VD isn’t just an malady, it’s a lifestyle!

Fanny Quivers

Fanny Quivers is the Isle of Wight’s very own cross-dressing clown who needs practically no encouragement. This handsome woman is here to make you laugh and bring you some joy. Her specific talents are yet to be determined, but she can guarantee you’ll get a show… whether you want it or not!

The Oddfellas 

Having recently fled from Parts Unknown, The Oddfellas are returning to the stage once more! With their unnatural blend of magic, mischief, and mayhem we’re excited to be amazed and amused by their antics!

And Special Guest… Pat Gently

Last but by no means least, this is the one and only Pat Gently. We’re delighted to hear she’s coming out of retirement for a very special guest performance as part of the The Big Fringe Variety Show. Created by Ventnor Exchange especially for the festival. What an honour! 😂

Don’t miss out, book your tickets online here

Explore The Art Trail

1000 1000 Ventnor Fringe

One of the many wonderful things about Ventnor Fringe is all of the art on display for you to see. There are exhibition spaces across the festival, all of which are free to view!

Here is our top picks of some of the best pop up exhibitions to visit during the Fringe.

Art_house_life @ 35 Madeira Road is back this year with a tour of recent artworks that reflect loss, change & transformation for 7 featured artists. Tickets are free, but you must book in advance.

When? Everyday – 11am & 4pm
Where? 35 Madeira Road

Looking Out From Lockdown is Independent Art’s exhibition celebrating community creativity through Covid. The exhibition features works of mixed mediums, from sketches and paintings, to floristry, cake baking & installations, submitted by a wide range of artists aged from 7 – 87.

When? Everyday – 10am-5pm
Where? Ventnor Baptist Church, Pier Street

The Ventnor Artists Collective have an exhibition of paintings, sculpture, textile art, ceramics, and studio jewellery, all of which are for sale. There is free parking for visitors to the exhibition with access to the Cafe, and a separate paid entrance for the Gardens.

When? Friday 23rd July – Friday 30th July – 10am-5pm
Where? Ventnor Botanic Garden

Paradox Island is a print shop and alternative exhibition space featuring creative-recycling art and posters by award-winning model-maker Paradox Paul.

When? Everyday except Monday – 11am-4pm
Where? Paradox Island, Ventnor High Street

The Shed is a creative space in the courtyard off Church Street, where you can see and buy Arts and Crafts, cyanotypes, ceramics, succulents, and lots more. There’s also a mini exhibition celebrating the Greenham Common Peace Protest as it’s the 40th anniversary of the Women’s Walk from Cardiff in 1981.

When? Friday 23rd July – Saturday 31st July – 11am-4pm
Where? The courtyard off Church Street, through the alleyway next to Honeybourne Jewellery.

Ventnor Fringe 2021: Everything You Need To Know

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With the Government confirming all legal restrictions on social distancing to end, we wanted to provide additional information on exactly what to expect at this year’s Ventnor Fringe.

We can’t wait to welcome you back with ten days of inspiring creativity after 15 difficult months. It’s going to be a particularly memorable moment and an extra special celebration this year. However, we know not everyone feels able to be among large crowds and while we are a relatively small event, we’ve been putting lots of planning in place to ensure everyone can take part, at a level that feels comfortable for them.

1.)  The Return Of Live Music

The lifting of restrictions means the return of standing gigs and dancing! It means shows with the likes of Gengahr, Do Nothing, Los Bitchos & Billy Nomates among others are all set to go ahead. We’ll only be operating one standing venue, Harbourside, and we’ll be recommending all audiences use the NHS Track & Trace QR Code provided at the venue. We’ll also be creating an extra seating space for those who’d prefer to remain further away from the stage but still listen to the music.

2.)  An Expanded Parkside

This year we’ve extended Parkside into more of Ventnor Park (It’s approx 3x the size!) to provide lots of open space for those wanting to soak up the atmosphere but keep away from the crowds. There’s lots to see and do, with live music on the Bandstand each day, a new bar, wellbeing sessions and an ever rotating selection of street theatre, buskers and traders or check out the ticketed shows in our tents.


3.)  Standby Tickets Are Valid!

If you’ve bought a ‘Standby Ticket’ for any event at the Fringe, these are now valid. Venues will return to full capacity, but we’re working hard to ensure good ventilation in all of our spaces, a maximum capacity in any one indoor venue of 200, and extra hand washing facilities available across the festival.

The vast majority of performances at the Festival are under 90mins, as recommended by medical experts, and while not compulsory the wearing of masks is very much encouraged for those who would like to.

4.)  More Street Theatre & Busking

If indoor venues or even tented spaces are still uncomfortable for you fear not as this year there will be more outdoor theatre and busking than ever before! Alongside daily music at Harbourside and the Bandstand in Parkside (Ventnor Park) performers will be spilling out across the town so keep your eyes peeled for acts in every direction. We’ll be publishing more information in the coming days.

There’s also ticketed open air theatre taking place in both Parkside and Ventnor Botanic Garden with shows like The Three Musketeers, The Puppet Van, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Treasure Island.

5.)  No Tickets On The Door – But A New Box Office In Parkside

To avoid congestion at the entrance of venues tickets for events will no longer be available on the door. You will be able to book right up until the performance online or in person from Ventnor Exchange (located 2mins walk from St. Catherine’s Church and Ventnor Arts Club) or our new Parkside Box Office, located near the main entrance to Ventnor Park and a few mins walk from The Magpie, Parkside Playhouse and Comedy & Cabaret Tent. Both festival box offices will have dedicated team members able to help you select shows to see, answer enquires and book tickets. Both will be open from 9am – 10pm each day.

6.)  Looking After One Another

It goes without saying that we all need to look out for each other in these unprecedented times. Please respect those who wish to keep their distance or avoid physical contact, as well as our amazing crew and volunteers who have had to learn many new processes and work exceptionally hard this year to be able to make Ventnor Fringe take place. If you feel unwell or start displaying COVID symptoms, please don’t attend the event and seek a test first. Test kits are available completely free of charge from any chemists and a list of common symptoms can be seen on the NHS website here. 

It is not compulsory to have been double vaccinated to attend the festival, but please do test regularly and whenever displaying symptoms.

7.)  Support The Fringe

Love the Fringe? Please do support the event this year. As with many arts organisations around the country it has been an incredibly difficult period and despite financial support from Arts Council England and the DCMS, which we are very grateful for, there has been considerable additional costs in putting on this year’s event, and losses from the cancelled 2020 festival. Every ticket sold, drink purchased or donation made makes a huge difference and this year is more important than ever to ensure our survival and recovery for years to come. There’s nothing on the Island (heck – maybe the world!) quite like the Ventnor Fringe. With your help we can keep this truly independent, creative and community minded event for the future.

4 Shows That You Can Pay What You Like For!

1000 1000 Ventnor Fringe

We know that everyone loves a cheap night out, so we’ve picked out four shows that you can pay what you want to see!

There’s plenty of funny, wallet-friendly shows to choose from at the Fringe! Here are four shows with ‘Pay What You Can’ tickets. Just book your free ticket online, and then make a donation of what you’d like to contribute at the venue.

Jimmy Andrex: For One Night Only…
Northern Beat Poet Jimmy Andrex presents a poetry double-header in our intimate venue, Ventnor Arts Club. Featuring Billy Baggins There and Back where Gawain meets Broadchurch meets Shameless. A Leeds burglar seeks redemption via the search for a missing toddler. A modern picaresque tale in Anglo-Saxon Verse form. And Stupidity is Not the Problem, based on Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman. A polemic in music and verse as to how poverty and inequality might be addressed via a Universal Basic Income. Book Tickets

When? Wednesday 28th, 7pm & 9pm
Where? Ventnor Arts Club

Emma Ashley-King: Accio Fandom
Straight from premiering at Brighton Fringe, Emma Ashley-King brings her pit-stop tour of fandom told through comedy and cabaret to the Ventnor Fringe. Accio Fandom is a show that pokes fun at herself/other geeks while being accessible to those who know little about it. A little surreal, lots of heart and all performed while cosplaying as She Hulk. Book Tickets

When? Friday 23rd July, 6.30pm
Where? Comedy & Cabaret Tent

Glen Maney
Glen Maney has played most of the top comedy clubs at home and abroad and has worked with some of the biggest names in comedy. He brings his unique look at how our lives have changed over his fifty odd years on the planet to the Ventnor Fringe Festival, in his one man stand-up show, A Dinosaur on the Isle. Book Tickets

When? Sunday 1st August, 10pm
Where? Comedy & Cabaret Tent

Kym Kym Nash: Talked Too Much, Stayed Too Long

Join comedian Kym Nash on a rollercoaster ride on how he grew up (physically), occasionally Talked Too Much & Stayed Too Long, and discovered we all have a dark side and are all equal… even you… laughs along the way too. Book Tickets

When? Friday 23rd July, 3pm
Where? Comedy & Cabaret Tent


The full ‘Free Fringe’ programme will be announced next week after the Government’s announcement on COVID Guidelines.   

The Noise Next Door Interview

1000 1000 Ventnor Fringe

Today we’ve been chatting with The Noise Next Door to find out more about what to expect at their debut Ventnor Fringe show!

Twelve time sell-out veterans of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and one of the country’s most sought after comedy club headliners, The Noise Next Door leave audiences everywhere in awe of their lightning-quick wit and totally original comedic talents. They have been performing their own distinctive brand of off-the-cuff comedy together since they met at university.

Hello Noise Next Door, we’re very excited about seeing you perform at Ventnor Fringe, will this be your first time at the festival? Are you looking forward to visiting the Isle of Wight?

This will be our very first time at the festival and we can’t wait! We fully plan to make the most of the trip over to the isle and do all the most painfully touristy things available – hang out at a chine, befriend red squirrels, get one of those little glass lighthouses full of coloured sand… The works.

For someone who’s never seen you before, how would you describe your shows in three words?
Excellent improvised comedy.

Improvising on the spot is quite a skill! You must have had some fantastically strange scenarios played out in the past. What are the wildest suggestions you’ve ever had to deal with? Any particular stories spring to mind?
Yes, yes, we are very skilled. At this one thing. Ask us to put up a shelf and you’ll soon see where our skills fall short! Because everything we do on stage is made up, on the spot based what our audience wants to see every show is very different and every show surprises us! We’ve had everything from a story about a group of Spanish nuns robbing a bank to a rap battle between William Shakespeare and Winnie the Pooh. Our job is to be ready for anything and spin it into comedy gold but audience members can still catch us out. We once asked our audience for a household object and someone suggested a Viking longboat! Anything goes.

After such a long time with limits on live performances due to COVID, it must feel great to be back on the road again. What have you missed about live performance most?
We can’t stress this enough. It’s really nice when a room full of people applaud you when you finish work. We think it should be implemented across all sectors.

The Noise Next Door will be performing their improv show ‘Out and About’ at the Magpie on Sunday 25th July at 9pm. Book Tickets

What makes performing at Ventnor so special?

1080 1080 Ventnor Fringe

We’ve always believed there’s something special about Ventnor, this dramatic clifftop town that provides the perfect backdrop to the festival.

For many performers travelling to perform in Ventnor, whether during the Fringe or at other times of the year, it’s become a regular b-line from the normal touring circuit. We spoke to some of the artists who have made it an annual pilgrimage to find out what keeps them coming back!

Charlie Dore, Musician

“This will be our 4th Ventnor Fringe and each year I’m always fascinated by the sheer diversity of events. I love being part of that festival buzz and it seems that energy is reflected back by our audiences. Beyond our own bubble it’s like an Arts version of a brilliant street market: you’re heading out to buy some comedy and on the way you fall in love with a 1940’s book bus, a punk opera, a drag cabaret and end up at a puppet show. My only regret is that I never get to see enough of it. Next year I’ll book AIr B & B for the whole week. ”

Charlie Dore is performing at St Catherine’s Church on Friday 23rd July. Book Tickets


Ahir Shah Portrait Shoot TOR Studio Saturday 12th September 2020 ©The Other Richard

Ahir Shah, Comedian

“I’ve been visiting the Island to do stand-up for several years now, and my favourite bit is always after the show. The real treat is sitting in a line on the beach with friends and a beer, watching the sea roll in and a quantity of stars unimaginable to this Londoner’s eyes unfurl themselves across the canvas. There are many things in this world that serve to remind us (or do they remind us that we serve them?) how small and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. Would that they were all so beautiful.”

As well as hosting Pick of the Fringe, Ahir Shah will be previewing new material in the Comedy & Cabaret Tent on Friday 30th April. Book Tickets


Luke Wright, Poet

I’d barely even heard of Ventnor five years ago when I arrived wet-socked one march for a tour gig, but what a brilliant surprise. Ventnor has all the faded seaside charm we Brits demand from our coastal resorts plus a smattering of interesting vintage-y shops, cafes, and the incredible Ventnor Exchange which is one of the best small venues in England. I’ve gone there every year since and my heart always leaps when the taxi drops down the hill and I see the sea. And I can’t wait to return this July when I’ll be performing some bawdy Georgian street ballads at the Ventnor Fringe. Long live the Isle of Wight!

Luke Wright will be performing ‘The Ballad Seller’ in The Magpie on Tuesday 27th July. Book Tickets


Gráinne Maguire, Comedian

“The Isle of Wight has the friendliest, warmest, best looking audiences in the world. I look forward to visiting  every year- all comedy festivals should be as fun!”

Gráinne Maguire will be performing her new show ‘Subtext Is For Cowards’ in the Comedy & Cabaret Tent on Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th July. Book Tickets

Back To Berlin: Interview with Luke Seidel-Haas

1000 1000 Ventnor Fringe

We’ve been talking to artists who are making the journey to the festival to find out more about their shows. First up is Luke Seidel-Haas, writer and co-director of ‘Back To Berlin’

Hi Luke and thank you for taking the time to talk with us. We’ve been reading all about ‘Back to Berlin’ and how it was inspired by a family member and real events. Can you tell us a little more about where the concept started?

My dad is originally from Germany, having moved to the UK in the 80’s. Growing up I didn’t really know all that much about his upbringing before he emigrated, but a couple of years ago and over many glasses of wine we started talking about his time in Berlin. He explained that he studied in the city as a West German student when the wall was up, then moved to the UK a few years later. In 1989 when the Iron Curtain started to crumble, he was living in England and suddenly realised that history was being made back in his home country, and that he needed to travel back to see it.

He told me this story, I told the rest of the theatre company, and we realised it might make a really interesting show. From there I developed a script based on our conversations, which then morphed into a sometimes serious, sometimes light-hearted performance. We’ve been working on it for a couple of years and developing it more after each performance, and we really want to take the audience with us, to imagine what it might have felt like to be there the night the wall opened.

It’s been 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, do you think it’s a subject that’s spoken about enough in the UK? Are there lessons for today?

I don’t think that era of history is spoken about enough. The audiences we’ve performed for so far have been really diverse, with some coming along because they remember the event or even have a personal connection to Germany or Berlin, and others just coming along because they’re intrigued and want to learn more. Our aim is to make sure that those who don’t know the history (or, like us, weren’t even born in ’89) come away with a better understanding of what happened, and the impact of those events on what’s happened since.

There are so many lessons that can be learned for today; the fall of the Berlin Wall was all about uniting a country divided by ideology, the coming together and the healing. The UK often feels divided in a similar way (right/left, leave/remain and so on), and we need to learn to come together somehow. In Germany the reunification wasn’t perfect, and of course across Europe the legacy is still felt in both negative and positive ways. I hope the show highlights those similarities.

Over the last year we feel the show has in some ways taken on a different resonance. Closed borders, being isolated from friends and family, ever changing travel restrictions which throw a country into turmoil. We could be talking about 1989 or 2020/1 The restrictions we’ve lived under for the last 18 months due to COVID feel strangely prescient now.

This will be your first time performing at Ventnor Fringe, how did you hear about the event and what are you expecting? Will it be you first time visiting the Isle of Wight?

We first heard about the Ventor Fringe from another Cardiff based performer, Stammermouth (Nye Russell-Thompson). He’s from the IoW originally, and has performed at the Fringe in the past. (Go see his show too, as he’s performing this year and it’s great) The line up looks really interesting and diverse, and I think like any Fringe we’re expecting the unexpected!

We’ve never been to the Isle of Wight before, but are very excited to be visiting. Let’s be honest, we’re excited to be leaving our living rooms after the last year of being stuck inside! We’ve heard that the beaches and countryside are lovely and want to explore as much as we can, and we will be sure to help the local pub economy while we are visiting!

And finally, if you had to sum up your show to audiences in 3 words how would you describe it?

Funny, authentic, educational
(Not our words, but my dad’s words having seen the show himself)

Click here to book tickets for Back To Berlin 

Take a look at the full programme of events taking part at this year’s Ventnor Fringe. More shows are being added every day!

Good News

1000 1000 Ventnor Fringe

Ventnor Fringe is all systems go, here is everything you need to know about how this year’s festival will take place.

Like everyone we’ve been eagerly awaiting the Government’s latest announcement and while the decision to delay the lifting of final restrictions is disappointing, we’re working hard to ensure that Ventnor Fringe will return next month.

Restrictions on events and venues are now due to be lifted on 19th July, just in time for the festival, which will take place from Friday 23rd July – Sunday 1st August.

We’re optimistic that this will be the case, but as we’ve all learnt over the past 18 months nothing is certain and we need to make sure we’re prepared for any eventuality. With that in mind we’re made a few changes to this year’s event:

Standby Tickets
Once a performance has sold more than it’s socially distanced capacity ‘standby tickets’ will become available. There are tickets that will be valid if Government restrictions are eased before the festival. However, if restrictions are extended and social distancing has to be kept at the current recommended levels, these tickets will be fully refunded.

Digital Programme
We’ve made the difficult decision not to produce a printed brochure this year. Rules on restrictions are not likely to be confirmed until 12th July and we don’t want to produce a programme with inaccurate information. Instead, we’ll be producing ‘Venue Timetables’ which you’ll be able to download from our website and print at home, or pick up copies from Ventnor Exchange.

Event Alterations
To accommodate the possibility of social distancing we’ve had to make alterations to a small number of events already on sale. This has included moving some acts to larger venues, or adding additional performances. All ticket holders affected will be contacted directly by our team.

Free Fringe
Although some events will be announced sooner, we’ll be revealing the full line up for the Free Fringe after the Government announcement on 12th July.

Thank you to everyone for all of your patience and support in these challenging times, we’re going to do everything we can to bring live performance back to the Isle of Wight and can’t wait to see you this summer!

4 Top Picks For All The Family

1000 1000 Ventnor Fringe

Keeping all of the children, parents and grandparents entertained can be a challenge, so we’ve taken a look though the programme to pick 4 shows that we think will keep every generation captivated.

From pirates to acrobats, musketeers to puppets these are shows that will make you laugh and cheer as we celebrate the return of live performances!

1.)  Treasure Island

Long John Silver and his crew of salty old sea dogs are weighing anchor at Ventnor Botanic Garden with the pirate classic, Treasure Island. Quantum Theatre’s performances are always popular at the Fringe and this year will no doubt be the same. Packed full of action, drama, sword fights and sea shanties this is an open air theatre show that worth setting sail for! Book Tickets

Where? Ventnor Botanic Garden

When? Wednesday 28th July, 6pm


2.)  The Three Musketeers

Sharpen your swords, lace up your boots, and stick a great big feather in your hat! Magicians and performers Morgan&West present a fun for all the family retelling of Alexadre Dumas ‘The Three Musketeers’ and we can’t wait! Can the dashing Musketeers retrieve the Queen’s prize diamonds? Will the nefarious Cardinal Richelieu get away with his dastardly scheme? Is it an enormous mistake to wear such elaborate costumes at the height of British summer? Morgan & West have performed all over the UK as and on TV in Penn & Teller: Fools Us, The Slammer and The Next Great Magician. Book Tickets

Where? The Magpie, Parkside

When? Saturday 31st July & Sunday 1st August,  3pm

3.)  The Greatest Showpeople!

Back in 2019 Parkside become the home of a beautiful new black and white Big Top called The Magpie. It hosted some brilliant shows but there was a notable lack of circus for a circus tent! Well, no more, as Newcastle’s finest Let’s Circus bring The Greatest Showpeople! to Ventnor Fringe. Expect acrobatics, trapeze, comedy and juggling in this family friendly extravaganza. There is more capacity for this one, but tickets are selling fast and it looks likely to be one of this year’s best sellers.  Book Tickets

Where? The Magpie, Parkside

When? Wednesday 28th July 3pm + 7pm, Thursday 29th + Friday 30th July 7pm

4.)  The Puppet Van Presents The Lost Colour

Join Malcolm Brushell, a professional painter and amateur alchemist, on his quest to find the pinky-est pink paint on the planet! Through cracking rocks, mashing every conceivable vegetable, and even bottling and fermenting his own cow’s wee, he has created every colour imaginable, except this one.

The Lost Colour is the first custom designed show from The Puppet Van, a show entirely performed on the roof of a van which sounds brilliantly suited to Ventnor Fringe.  An energy fuelled physical show full of clowning, puppets, and paint, aimed at younger children but we think this one is charming enough to keep the whole family entertained. The show has its roots in the history of pigment making and follows a loveable independent artist up against a huge corporate pigment making conglomerate. Book Tickets

Where? Parkside

When? Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th July 11am & 3pm

Discover Everything At Ventnor Fringe

Take a look at the full programme of events taking part at this year’s Ventnor Fringe. More shows are being added every day!

5 Best Selling Shows at Ventnor Fringe…So far!

1000 1000 Ventnor Fringe

It’s June, which means the countdown to Ventnor Fringe has begun! With less than 8 weeks to go we take a look at the hottest tickets in town so far.

With the full programme of shows expected to be on sale by 21st June, there are undoubtedly still gems to be discovered, but with a wide range of events now announced we thought it was time for us to take a look at those shows selling fastest, which you might not want to leave too long to book up for.

1.)  Flo & Joan

Off the back of a countrywide tour, musical comedy duo and sisters Flo & Joan are heading to Ventnor Fringe for the first time to test an hour of new material. You might have seen them in a certain building societies TV ads but it was watching folk ballad inspired  ‘Lady In the Woods’ that got us hooked – “And she produced milk like you’ve never seen” Book Tickets

Where? The Magpie, Parkside

When? Friday 23rd July, 7pm


2.)  Joe Black: Decopunk

Isn’t it about time drag made an appearance at the Fringe? It seems like you lot agree as these tickets are flying out like death drops – sickening! At the time of writing there are just 48 tickets left! Infamous cabaret misfit and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’s miscreant Joe Black invites you to indulge in a gloriously raucous gin soaked musical cabaret extravanganza. It’s going to be fabulous. Book Tickets

Where? The Magpie, Parkside

When? Friday 23rd July, 9pm

3.)  The Greatest Showpeople!

Back in 2019 Parkside become the home of a beautiful new black and white Big Top called The Magpie. It hosted some brilliant shows but there was a notable lack of circus for a circus tent! Well, no more, as Newcastle’s finest Let’s Circus bring The Greatest Showpeople! to Ventnor Fringe. Expect acrobatics, trapeze, comedy and juggling in this family friendly extravaganza. There is more capacity for this one, but tickets are selling fast and it looks likely to be one of this year’s best sellers.  Book Tickets

Where? The Magpie, Parkside

When? Wednesday 28th July 3pm + 7pm, Thursday 29th + Friday 30th July 7pm

4.)  Impromptu Shakespeare

Back by popular demand, Impromptu Shakespeare are veterans of the Fringe circuit, having performed six critically acclaimed runs at Edinburgh and now back for a second time at Ventnor. Bursting with love, poetry, comedy, tragedy, mistaken identity and everything in between, the company brings you an entirely new and unique ‘Shakespeare’ play inspired by audience suggestions to delight Shakespeare nerds and newbies alike. Both performances for this are booking up fast.  Book Tickets

Where? The Magpie, Parkside

When? Thursday 29th + Friday 30th July 3pm

5.)  Gengahr

One of the first shows we announced back in 2020 before the plague hit, indie stalwarts Gengahr are heading to Ventnor Fringe to play their much anticipated live show, and we can’t wait! The band released their third album ‘Sanctuary’ last year which features a more expansive and ambitious sound than ever before. Produced by Bombay Bicycle Club’s Jack Steadman, it will appeal to fans his work as well as Alt-J, Django Django and Glass Animals. Book Tickets

Where? Harbourside

When? Friday 30th July, 7pm

Discover Everything At Ventnor Fringe

Take a look at the full programme of events taking part at this year’s Ventnor Fringe. More shows are being added every day!