Fringe Review

Died Blondes: A Review from Cat James

736 1308 Ventnor Fringe

Joan Ellis’ Platinum Performance The joy and pain of any fringe, whether it’s Ventnor or Edinburgh, starts with a game of chance. No matter how expertly the festival is curated,…

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Laughter Lines: A Review from The Front Room

1280 526 Ventnor Fringe

  Anyone of a prudish and nervous disposition should not have been at The Ventnor Arts Club (part of  the Ventnor Fringe Festival) as Donna Jones MBE and Joan Ellis…

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Doris Dodo’s Elegy Emporium and Olbituary Office

1280 853 Ventnor Fringe

“Where trees grow is where we are hidden, Ends are seen and endings are written”. Will you find this year’s Secret Venue? Proprietor of the Elegy Emporium and affiliated Olbituary…

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5 minutes with Heady Conduct

1200 800 Ventnor Fringe

Heady Conduct, hello! What a great name for a theatre company, it means Exhilarating Behaviour right? Hopefully you’ll be exhilarated by everything at the fringe this week! What three words…

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A Quick Chat With 5 Tales of Love and Madness

1280 720 Ventnor Fringe

A QUICK CHAT WITH 5 TALES OF LOVE AND MADNESS   Here at Ventnor Fringe we are all about making all types of art and performance accessible to lots of…

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5 Great Things to do at the Fringe for Free!

1280 853 Ventnor Fringe

5 GREAT THINGS TO DO AT THE FRINGE FOR FREE! Free Fringe Producer Jack Barnes takes a look at what’s on offer     DISCOVER THE UNIQUE BOOK BUS  …

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Interview: Jim Willis

270 480 Ventnor Fringe

What is your creative passion, Jim? I am an amateur film maker I suppose you could say, well I’ve written scripts and had films made, and I help out Jack…

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Are We There Yet?

3508 1485 Ventnor Fringe

As mentioned in the first issue of this year’s Fringe Review; we’ve been talking to some of the creative people Ventnor has produced, maintained or incubated over the years. To…

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Dead Blondes

688 458 Ventnor Fringe

The first half of Died Blondes is a monologue in the form of a letter to David Blakey, Ruth’s victim and late-boyfriend. Local author, Joan Ellis’ portrayal of convicted murderer…

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History Repeating

936 612 Ventnor Fringe

It was a strange day today. Walking round town, taking in the sights of the Ventnor International Festival; I was taken back in time. There is a definite feel of…

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