Fringe Review

A Guest House Violent & Sarcastico

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We’ve all seen the old classics like the renowned “Carry On” films a hundred times and still buckle over at the same scenes. Guest House Paridiso adopts that similar, slapstick comedy and had me chuckling away throughout.

This typically British comedy is similar to that of an inappropriate Wallace and Gromit without a care for political correctness –which is right up my alley. Our imbecilic protagonists Richie and Eddie attempt to run a, well, run down guest house with sarcasm and violence. If anything, it’s the kind of hotel you’d expect to crop up in Ventnor.

Alongside those characters is Bill Nighy, which makes any film golden.

Simply picture a hell of a lot of f-ing and blinding, unnecessary violence, sexual humour and Simon Pegg playing every character he ever plays, you’ve got yourself a spitting image of this film.

It’s not about showing off the movie’s budget or any Hollywood CGI, the film sticks to the basics of 90s humour. I felt like I didn’t have to worry about strategic product placement or paying copious amounts of attention to the plot, I could just relax and be terribly entertained.

I love an old film that doesn’t take into consideration who it’ll offend and I genuinely enjoyed Guest House Paradiso. Best enjoyed hung over, on a lazy Sunday when you’ve stuffed yourself stupid from a roast, or under the stars as you shall all be doing.

You catch the screening of this film at The Outdoor Cinema on Tuesday from 9pm for just £5. 

By Hollie Hayes

Free the Fringe

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Alongside the vast array of ticketed events on offer at the Fringe, there are also many opportunities to immerse yourself in culture with free events. By purchasing The Fringe Pass for just £2, you can gain access to the Woodland Bars, The Observatory and unlimited use of the Fringe shuttle bus throughout the week! It’s a no-brainer!

There are limitless opportunities to dive into rich culture as the Free Fringe events includes, not only music, but spoken word, bushcraft workshops, yoga and magic acts, and many others. 

Amongst the highlights at the Woodland Bar are Polar Maps, who performed on the Main Stage at Rhythmtree Festival this year, The Diamond Age, described by NME as “Bright, catchy and totally convincing” and Bully Bones, following their performance at the Isle of Wight Festival this year. There are also regular yoga sessions with Maitri, hula-hoop workshops with Tilly Twist and ballad poems from David A. 

The Observatory sees performances from the Electro Love DJs, after successful stints at the Isle of Wight Festival and V-Dub Island, soul/electro swing pioneer DJ Kaftan and former Resonate member Harriet Back. 

Add all those to buskers around town, surprise pop-up performances and artists performing at the Ventnor Exchange and you have a week packed with fun-filled activities for all to enjoy! Everyone loves a freebie, right?

by Luke Joynes