About the Fringe

The Ventnor Fringe is an arts festival that aims to develop a unique creative hub. A stimulating environment for audiences and artists alike to debate, create and celebrate new work.

Performers pay a one-off application fee to be included in the official Programme, which is neither curated nor artistically directed by the Ventnor Fringe organisers. Anyone can take part. The Ventnor Fringe team support artists, producers and venues, to coordinate these many independent events into one cohesive festival.

Unlike many other Fringes, we directly run and manage every venue and bar at the Festival. This means there are no private companies controlling ‘mega venues’ that can dominate the Programme. It also means we are able to ensure that all of the venues work together and common systems and structures run throughout the event. The Ventnor Fringe seeks to create an experience that is good and fair for all parties involved in the creation of the event.