Box Office & Ticketing

Tickets for all events at the Fringe are sold by the Ventnor Exchange, the festival’s main information centre and Box Office. This is located at 11 Church Street, Ventnor PO38 1SW. They can be purchased online, over the phone or in person in both the lead up to, and during the event.


Stewards will also be provided on the doors for every event to sell tickets on the door if there are any tickets left for that event.


We are very pleased to confirm that there are no booking fees for any tickets sold at the Ventnor Fringe, whether they are paid by cash or card. All box office costs, including card transaction costs, ticketing and box office software is paid for out of the Festival’s cut of your ticket split.


If you would like to organise complimentary tickets for friends, family or industry these can be organised through the Ventnor Exchange Box Office. You will need to be a named artist registered with the Fringe to be able to book these.