Design Assets


You will be sent logo files for the festival branding after registration is completed there are normally a few different versions that can be applied to your advertising sympathetically. Please always use the original file and refrain from downloading low resolution versions direct from our web or social pages ! If you are not sent the logo in good time please ask your registration contact for them to be sent and they will happily send over to you.

Box Office Graphic Strap (for posters & flyers)

We can also provide a booking strap with our Box Office contact details and logo for cohesive style of the festival. Using our design assets properly helps the promotion of the festival to have a more wieldy recognisable brand and helps your event look the part with official approval.

High Resolution Images

Please do not use low resolution images to promote your event at Ventnor Fringe. If a pixelated or fuzzy image is uploaded the programme team will most likely ask you to re-submit or even use  free stock imagery in its place – be warned.