Copyright and Licence Permissions

The Ventnor Fringe will obtain all entertainment licences and live event consents for all activities at the Ventnor Fringe. Artists do not to contact the local authority to obtain any permissions.


However, If you are performing or adapting a work that is under copyright, you must get permission in writing from the author or their literary agent or publisher.


Even if you have already gained permission to perform your production elsewhere, you’ll need to ask for permission again to perform it at Ventnor Fringe.


  • Duration
    Typically, a work remains under copyright for the length of its author’s life plus 70 years, though there are numerous exceptions to the rule.
  • Fees
    It’s your responsibility to find out your obligations under the law and, if necessary, to pay the appropriate copyright fees. These are usually calculated as a percentage of box office revenue and are sometimes subject to a minimum required payment. The Ventnor Fringe is a public event, so publishers and literary agents make sure the correct fees have been paid on all works being performed.
  • What to do
    You can usually find the contact details for an author’s literary agent or publisher on the inside cover or early pages of the script. All communications should be in writing and you may be required to pay a deposit (treated as an advance against royalties) once a fee is agreed.