In all the preparations for the festival, it can be easy to overlook arranging insurance. Gather some quotes for the following types of insurance to protect against the worst. The main types of cover to consider are Public Liability insurance and Employers’ Liability insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

Cover in the event that you accidentally injure a member of the public or damage their property during your Fringe performance and promotional activities (for example, if a piece of your set falls on the audience).

While your venue will already have their own arrangements, their insurance will only cover the venue’s activities and structures and not what happens during your performance. You will be responsible for your own insurance and some venues will insist on seeing proof of adequate cover before they allow you to perform in their space to the public.

While you are not legally required to obtain public liability insurance, Ventnor Fringe does strongly recommend that you do, for peace of mind in case something goes wrong.

International companies

  • Make sure that any existing insurance you have will cover you in the UK
  • OR
  • If you buy insurance from a UK broker, make sure they can cover international performers and companies.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

Cover in the event that someone who works for you claims damages for accidental injury or damage to their property. Anyone who is working under your instruction can be classified as an employee, even if you are not paying them.

Employer’s Liability is sometimes offered as part of a package along with Public Liability – consider what cover will suit your particular circumstances.

Other types of insurance

Insurance for other situations is available, including:

  • Show/performance cancellation.
  • Loss/damage to property.
  • If you are based outside the UK, remember to check you have valid cover for being away from your home country.

Speak to different insurance companies for advice on what is most appropriate and affordable.

How to obtain insurance

Check that you don’t have cover already.

  • If you are a member of Equity, BECTU or another union organisation, you may have sufficient personal cover through that organisation.
  • If you are part of a larger institution such as a school, university, charity or production company, you may be covered by their insurance provisions
  • If you already have insurance of any kind for your business, check if they can cover your Fringe activities as well.

Always check and request written confirmation of cover from your current provider that you should have on hand when taking part in the Fringe.


The insurance companies listed here are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and offer bespoke packages for Fringe participants.