Photo by Catriona Macaulay

Love Not War

716 471 Ventnor Fringe

The escalating crisis of North Korea and how it will affect Ventnor Fringe. So you might have heard about the little problerino going on across the pond, so let’s cut the nonsense, put the bird on the table and talk turkey. Is Kim Jong Un going to ruin our festival? I’m glad you asked.

In recent days it has been determined that North Korea are now capable of fitting a nuclear warhead onto an ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile)… yeah, that’s bad news. They are now considerably further along with their research than first thought and are to be considered a fully fledged nuclear power.

The good news? A medium long-range ICBM has a range of about 3,400 miles. We’re 5,200 miles away here in Ventnor, meaning we’re in the all clear. So let’s strip off, get down and dirty and party like it’s 1999.

DISCLAIMER: We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time; – Jermaine Stewart et al.

That’s quite enough nonsense from Tom. Now over to our editor…

Well this week so far has brought us beautiful bagpipes, puppet psychosis, a topical debate about maintaining and creating creative communities in the Fringe Forum and so much more. Today is only going to get better, yes, it’s finally here; Ventnor International Festival!

Make sure you get your ticket, we’ve got Nakamarra, Dead Pretties, Elder Island, Cosmo Pyke, Moses Boyd, Bad Sounds, Puma Blue, Sleep Well, Champs, Her’s, Girl Ray, Happiness, The Parrots and Childhood.

Is this really happening in Ventnor? The answer is yes, and you’re welcome. It’s one ticket for the whole day – available at the Ventnor Exchange. This will be the most artist to play at Ventnor International Festival. Ever.

We in the media room cannot stress how exciting it is to have all these bands playing at Ventnor Fringe this year. VIF has got ever base covered this year, from garage to Motown psychedelia.

“I really love Happiness who are kinda of like dark-surf rock and don’t miss Childhood with their first ever headline show with full brass section. It’ll be fantastic!” – Mhairi Macaulay

“I met The Parrots last night and they’re really great guys, super excited to see their set. Also, really looking forward to seeing a new band on the set called Puma Blue, people should really go and see them.” – Jack Whitewood