Participant Applications

Applications to perform at the 10th Ventnor Fringe open in December 2018

“…rapidly becoming the country’s most surprising and inspirational multidisciplinary arts festival”.

Want to perform at the Ventnor Fringe?

During the festival the Fringe takes over buildings and spaces across Ventnor adapting and transforming them into temporary theatres, cinemas, bars, clubs and everything in-between. On top of this a host of more unusual locations are used for site specific performances and events which helps to give the festival its unique feel.

Spaces available include churches, theatres, bars, front rooms, rooftops and many other types of spaces, all of which are available for artists applying to the Fringe to hire. We’ll use the information you provide in your application form to suggest suitable venues within your budget so please do provide as much information as possible.

In addition to finding artists a venue, the Fringe provides all the support you’ll need to bring an event to the festival, including advice and discounts on travel, accommodation, advertising and all box office facilities. We also promote the Ventnor Fringe as a whole with extensive local advertising and a free printed programme which lists all events as well as inviting journalists and industry representatives.

A small application fee is charged to submit your event into the official programme, and you’ll also be allocated a member of the Fringe team to help you throughout the whole process.

Artists are entitled to their own ticket sales, which are paid out by the Fringe Box Office to artists after the event.

Getting started with your application...
  • Read through our guidance notes for participants and familiarise yourself with how the Fringe works before completing an application.

  • Complete the online application form and pay any fees securely with PayPal, you will receive a confirmation and can login to your dashboard using the account details created in your registration.

  • A member of the artists team will review your application and liaise with you to find a suitable venue within your designated budget and requirements.

  • Login to your dashboard to submit listings information about your event for the printed programme and website.  If your event ticketed, you will also be able to submit ticket details and box office settlement information.

  • Submit Accreditation details to get artist discounts in our bars, as well us submit details about your travel, accommodation and arrival/departure times to better help us assist your visit to Ventnor.


2019 Participant Fee
Single Performance/Presentation – £50
Multiple Performances/Presentations – £60