Thank you!

We’ve had a blast!  Thanks to all who came and supported the Fringe, to all the artists taking part and audiences attending shows and of course our wonderful family of volunteers, whom of which the Fringe simply just wouldn’t be possible!

Dates for next years festival, our 10th Birthday will be announced soon!

Doris Dodo’s Elegy Emporium and Olbituary Office

1280 853 Ventnor Fringe

“Where trees grow is where we are hidden, Ends are seen and endings are written”. Will you find this year’s Secret Venue? Proprietor of the Elegy Emporium and affiliated Olbituary Office, Doris Dodo stocks outstanding obituaries for her ill-fated birds. Run by the illusive Ms. Dodo and staffed by her collection of curious characters, visiting the office is always a…

5 minutes with Heady Conduct

1200 800 Ventnor Fringe

Heady Conduct, hello! What a great name for a theatre company, it means Exhilarating Behaviour right? Hopefully you’ll be exhilarated by everything at the fringe this week! What three words would you use to describe your work and the show, Tiresius? Epic, evocative and (from Simon’s point of view playing 8 characters) sweaty. The show is inspired by the Greek…

A Quick Chat With 5 Tales of Love and Madness

1280 720 Ventnor Fringe

A QUICK CHAT WITH 5 TALES OF LOVE AND MADNESS   Here at Ventnor Fringe we are all about making all types of art and performance accessible to lots of different audiences, and we think you are doing just that with 5 Tales of Love and Madness. You’ve described the show as a “reimagining of the recital for a modern…

5 Great Things to do at the Fringe for Free!

1280 853 Ventnor Fringe

5 GREAT THINGS TO DO AT THE FRINGE FOR FREE! Free Fringe Producer Jack Barnes takes a look at what’s on offer     DISCOVER THE UNIQUE BOOK BUS   The book bus is a beautiful 1930’s parisian bus that has been converted into the perfect bookshop. Each day there will be a wide range of fun activities for the…

Ventnor Fringe Tote Bags!

1280 1280 Ventnor Fringe

LIMITED EDITION HANDPRINTED TOTE BAGS Made right here in Ventnor!   We’ve commissioned three of our favourite local artists Chris Jones, Katy Rose-Thorogood and Julie Hutchinson to create re-usable bags with special designs inspired by the Fringe. These are all handmade in Ventnor and are available now from the Ventnor Exchange priced at £6 each.       We had…