Access at the Fringe

We want to make Ventnor Fringe as inclusive as possible.

The Ventnor Fringe Box Office at Ventnor Exchange has team members in place specifically trained to help with access enquiries and ticket bookings. This service is here to assist anyone with an access requirement to make the most of what the Fringe has to offer.

You can call us on (01983) 716767. You can also email us: with any questions you may have, although we can’t make bookings via email. You can also visit us in person at Ventnor Exchange. We’re open 7 days a week from 10am prior to the festival, and from 9am each day during the event.

Our team can help you with the following enquiries:

  • Specific accessibility information for each venue
  • Organising extra assistance when at a venue, including avoiding waiting in queues and busy environments
  • Helping facilitate specific seating requirements
  • Specific information for wheelchair users or those with guide dogs.
  • Anybody who requires a complimentary personal assistant ticket to attend a performance.

Seating is not normally allocated for shows at Ventnor Fringe, there are no seat numbers in any of our venues. However, if you require space for a wheelchair or feel you need to be on the front row to hear the performance please let us know when you book and we’ll reserve the space.


There are accessible toilets located throughout Ventnor during the Ventnor Fringe.  These are toilets with an adult-sized changing bench and hoist, for people who are unable to use a standard accessible toilet. The locations for these are:

  • St. Catherine’s Church, also located next to The Book Bus/ Town Square and opposite Ventnor Exchange
  • Central Car Park, public toilets on the High Street
  • Ventnor Eastern Esplanade (Access with a Radar Key) located close to Ventnor Harbour and the main beach
  • Bonfiace Studios, for the theatre spaces in this venue.
  • In addition, there are Accessible Portaloos in both sections of the Fringe Village; Ventnor Park (For The Magpie, Parkside Bar and The Nest) and Flowersbook (For The Big Top and Big Top Bar)

Festivals can sometimes be loud and busy places and we understand that doesn’t suit everyone. This might include someone with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, sensory or communication disorder or learning disability. We want to make sure the Ventnor Fringe accommodates everyone and so every venue is designed so that is easy to come and go from the venue if needed. If you would like to be seated near to an exit please let a steward know and they will be happy to accomodate this.

The Fringe Village is located in Ventnor Park and neighbouring Flowersbrook which has lots of empty space and quiet areas. There is also a welfare and information point at the Box Office Tent right next to the main entrance. In Downtown (Ventnor Town Centre) The Book Bus outside St Catherine’s Church provides a relaxed and calm environment.

All venues at the Ventnor Fringe have step free access except the following:

  • Ventnor Exchange (2 steps at entrance)
  • Ventnor Arts Club (1 step at entrance and steps to toilets)
  • Some ‘pop up’ venues and private houses/studios
  • There is step free access to all venues within the Fringe Village at Ventnor Park, but the pathway to The Big Top is quite steep. There are tarmac or concrete pathways between all the main venues so the site rarely becomes muddy. 

The Big Top Entrance

This is the main entrance to the Big Top site, looking down from Steephill Down Road/Park Avenue. There is a wide concrete pathway down to the field where the tent is located. There is a handrail for the steepest part. During the Fringe the pathway will have lighting at night.

The Big Top Exit

This is the main entrance/exit from the Big Top site, looking up from where the tent will be. There is a wide concrete pathway and a handrail for the steepest part. During the Fringe the pathway will have lighting at night.

Ventnor Exchange Entrance

This is the main entrance/exit from Ventnor Exchange. There are two steps from the pavement into the building. Once inside, there is step free access to all parts of the building. Staff and volunteers are on hand at all times to help if required