Fly-posting is putting up posters or stickers on properties or street items without consent from the owner.

Examples of fly-posting would be:

  • Sticking posters onto boarded up/permanently closed shops advertising a gig
  • Attaching a poster to a lamppost advertising a business
  • Putting stickers onto road signs showing political statements

Please note that fly-posting is illegal and any fines billed to Ventnor Fringe due to fly-posting from a participant will be charged back to the participant accordingly.  Please make sure when others are putting up posters for your event they are aware of the rules.

Posters sent directly to the Ventnor Fringe will be placed on specifically created advertising boards and businesses around the town in the lead-up to the Fringe. Many shops and cafes locally will take marketing material if asked politely on case by case basis and we would recommend this approach for advertising your event too.