Blinded by Moles

Blinded by Moles

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

The most auspicious of all events is the Blind Mole’s Ball.  It seems that this wildly unexpected event has drawn so much attention that it is nearly sold out. While you read this the last ticket may be handed over the counter to its final unknowing contestant.

To say the least I am beside myself with frustration that I am most likely to be confined to the office on this most propitious of events. Those who choose to tread water and indulge themselves in this evening of historic cult following will define this as an experience that should not have been missed.

The evening will commence with a Poirot style investigation and proceed to become a mixture of American sorority phasing and English theatre.

If this ominous description weren’t enough to tempt the wondering mind… the heavens have transmitted the message of this historic meet and are said to shower the skies with a blanket of shooting asteroids on this night. 

I really can’t say more than that.

My possible tip would be to stay calm and wear flat shoes and if you see a mole, approach with caution.