In the Jaws of The Lion and the Wolf

In the Jaws of The Lion and the Wolf

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An interview with the bearded man himself, Tom George, featuring the full band and production team ‘Red Squirrel Productions’.  

What are you all about?

Well, my name’s Tom George, I’m a heavily bearded 6’7” and of course a local Singer-songwriter. I write and record in Ventnor with the amazing analogue production team, Red Squirrel, but have been gigging all over Europe since 2014. I quit my job at Apple just over a year ago to start touring as The Lion and The Wolf and it’s safe to say I haven’t looked back since.

When’s the first time you remember picking up a guitar and taking those vocal chords for a whirl?

Well it’s the classic story, I picked up my first guitar when I was 14 and never put it down. However, I do actually recall my very first experience of playing a red Fender when I was 5. It had a white scratch plate and was far too big for me, but who knows, perhaps that was where it all began!

*Enter Red Squirrel*

Tell us what The Lion and the Wolf and Red squirrel productions have been up to since your debut album ‘Symptoms’ was released last summer?

Red Squirrel – Well, we’ve been extremely busy in the studio, both recording and practicing for our full band tour in September.”

Tom – Between work, touring and of course having a few beers, we’ve just finished recording a 7 inch which I’m very excited to be release on the 2nd October, then of course there’s the 2nd album.

What kind of sound can we expect from your new material?

Red Squirrel – ORG-AN-IC! And no that doesn’t mean organs. It’s going to be much more stripped back, we played the songs through as a full band and essentially that’s how we recorded them. ‘Symptoms’ has been such a great success for us and the production worked so well for those tracks, but at times it’s fair to say we would often put 3 organs on to a track, just because we could.”

Tom – I love the more organic sound and I’m so happy with what we’ve created, I’m going to predict that this new album will surpass ‘Symptoms’.

Wow, so quite a different sound. Will we be hearing anything from the new album at ‘Lounge Around Town’ on Sunday?

Tom – You will indeed ! Myself and the band are really pumped, and have been practicing hard for our tour of Germany in October. So Sunday will be the first time all 8 of us have performed together in front of a live audience. For me, I don’t mind if 20 or 200 people turn out for the show, I’m just stoked to be playing with all the people who’ve made The Lion and the Wolf happen. 

That’s really lovely to hear. I for one am incredibly excited for the gig so before you leave us, give us the deets’

Tom- “Doors are at 6pm, and show starts 6.30pm sharp at Trinity Church, near the Woodland stage. We’re playing as part of Vfringe’s finale ‘Lounge Around Town’ which you can buy tickets for from Ventnor Exchange. There’s loads of other great music on, starting from 1pm and I’m only too sure we’ll see all of you later at the Observatory after party. 

Thank you so much Tom, and thank you Red Squirrel. I can’t wait to hear the full band reverberating off the walls of Trinity Church, it’s going to be a real treat.

Tickets are available from Ventnor Exchange for just £12 and if you’d like to check out the home grown talent of The Lion and the Wolf before the gig tonight, go to – to listen to his debut album.