What Can Vegans Even Eat?

What Can Vegans Even Eat?

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The Keep Smiling Vegan Café is a mystery machine of happiness at this year’s Ventnor Fringe. Their unmissable van, decorated bright blue with a large sun painted on the front, will be situated in front of The Observatory Bar. 

    I myself, have recently turned vegan and personally find it tremendously difficult to pick up a filling meal that hits the spot. But fear not! The Keep Smiling Vegan Café will be providing an extensive menu of handmade vegan yummies, ranging from an all-day vegan breakfast to mouth-watering chilli nachos with fresh tomato and lime salsa; all served with a warm smile.

    A variety of their scrumptious goodies are handmade, adding that secret ingredient of TLC. Their menu boasts a comprehensive assortment of homemade food, including carrot cakes with lemon and walnut toppings, bliss balls and a personal favourite of mine, sweet and crunchy syrup and apricot flapjacks. 

    The van’s popularity is evident as their stock is already flying off the shelves (not due to the tremendous winds we’ve been having recently). 

    Whether you are a diehard vegan or simply a health enthusiast, I would strongly recommend heading over to The Observatory to enjoy the blissful weather we’re having for this year’s Ventnor Fringe 2016!


By Hollie Hayes