Boogie In The Basement

Boogie In The Basement

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

Last year’s secret set from Boogie Belgique began much like a Stephen King horror story for our unsuspecting audience. The evening set about in the Ventnor Exchange, where groups of 15/20 people were taken on a theatrical journey to a dimmly-lit area.

Having travelled along a narrow alleyway to a car park, spectators were then met by an actor dressed in black waiting ominously in the dark. A few thought something had gone horribly wrong as they were ushered into a mini-bus with tinted windows.

The van took many twists and turns until it came to an abrupt stop in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. The doors were forced open by the blacked out gure with a raised hand; pointing towards a candle-lit path. Our moderately sized groups then had to manoeuvre themselves towards the sound of music within earshot.

Down a narrow staircase and

underground, where colours were projected onto walls with moving cityscapes dancing against the late 1800 brick walls.

Many described this journey as a scintillating experience.

This year will be a similar exploration without the menacing blacked out silhouettes. This network of underground tunnels, no longer a secret will once more be illuminated by naked ames and colourful lights for the Blind Moles Ball.

It’s di cult to liken Oswald Cromheecke (producer of Boogie Belgique) to any previous artists as he’s essentially created an entirely new genre, drawing elements of electro-swing, jazz, funk and hip hop. Expect to hear trumpets, sax, keys and a bombardment of euphoric electronica.

The Vault can be located at the far end of the Botanic Gardens car park, can’t miss it, I don’t know if I mentioned, it will be lit up with candles.
Catch Boogie Belgique tonight at 9.30pm.