Bangers About Mash

Bangers About Mash

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

So food, it’s pretty good. Keeps you ticking, well The Events Co. want to keep you ticking this year with their newly renovated Bangers and Mash van.

This isn’t any ordinary Bangers and mash van, here you can tailor your meal to your tastes. They offer Pork and Apple, Pork and Garlic and for vegetarians and gluten free peeps there are Red Onion and Rosemary sausages. Then you can add either Proper Mash made from IOW potatoes or a Veggie Mash which consists of swede and carrot combined with garlic and mustard seasoning.

This bit deserves a paragraph of it’s own because it’s the best bit, sauce. Choose from a Proper Gravy, Veggie Gravy or the delicious Curry Sauce, then you can add cheese of onions for that it extra.

I for one am very excited to sink my teeth into the Red Onion and Rosemary sausages with Veggie Mash and Curry Sauce.

What flavour pairing will you choose?

Go grab yours down at the Parkside today!