Ovine Rustling

Ovine Rustling

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

Stealing Sheep are bringing colour into a sometimes magnolia musical scene. 

Hailing from far away, across the Solent. The band are making the hopefully not too arduous trek to the Isle of Wight from Liverpool to play what promises to be an electrifying gig at the Fringe’s Secret Venue. 

    The release of their second album last year has seen a definite development in the band’s style and confidence, moving into more experimental pop territory, but keeping the Wicker Man undertones of their psyche-folk debut, Into The Diamond Sun (2012). 

    The trio is made up of Rebecca, Emily and Lucy, who all cite disparate influences such as krautrock, folk, and electronica among them. These wide ranging influences go towards creating a dreamlike feel, but not always a nice dream – like one of those lucid dreams that you don’t want to wake up from because you’re having far too much fun solving the Lovecraftian monster mystery (or am I the only one who has those dreams?)        The sound is beautiful yet somehow sinister at times.  Expect lush and cunning harmonies, unusual sounds, and unexpected musical twists all happening in a unique and exciting secret venue.

    Support will come from the excellent Ever; beguiling, as she is brilliant!

Find them in the Secret Venue on Thursday  at 8pm.