A Quick Chat With 5 Tales of Love and Madness

A Quick Chat With 5 Tales of Love and Madness

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Here at Ventnor Fringe we are all about making all types of art and performance accessible to lots of different audiences, and we think you are doing just that with 5 Tales of Love and Madness. You’ve described the show as a “reimagining of the recital for a modern audience” Can you tell us a little more about the show and how it came to be?

In 5 Tales of Love and Madness we weave together real news stories, poetry, text and classical music to tell five, very human stories all in a one-hour show.

We wanted to breathe new life into the traditional recital, welcome new audiences and show people that classical music is for everyone and that it is still relevant and fresh.

Alice, you’re a classically trained singer, is there something in particular that inspires you about Handel? What other inspirations are there within the show?

Handel and Purcell wrote some of the most beautiful and engaging music there is. I can’t wait to share some of it in 5 Tales. The music we’ve chosen is very dramatic and theatrical and it feels natural to use it to tell stories that everyone can relate to. It’s all in English, too, which makes it immediately accessible.
Handel and Purcell both wrote amazing ‘mad songs’ which we’ve included. I was interested in exploring how these relate to modern ideas about madness.
We strongly believe in telling great stories in a straightforward and meaningful way and are inspired by theatre that does this.

What would you say to audiences who’ve never engaged with classical music before and are considering dipping their toes into the genre?
Come, come, come! We want to make you laugh and make you cry, we want to make you feel, we want to entertain you. Come along and bring your friends; you won’t regret it!
Can you describe the show in three words?
Moving. Fun. Original.
It’s your first time here at Ventnor Fringe, what are you looking forward to?
We can’t wait to see as many shows as we can and expect to stumble across a few rare gems! It’s great to be part of the creativity, fun and excitement of the whole week.