Grab a Cuppa Joe

Grab a Cuppa Joe

150 150 Ventnor Fringe

Forget about the daily grind! What’s Sumatra with you!  Come to Jasper’s, have a hot cup of joe and wait for all this to blow over. 

    Were you all aware that the origin of the phrase ‘cup of joe’ comes from a certain Josephus Daniels, former American Secretary of Navy. In 1914 he banned all US ships from serving alcoholic beverages, understandably the sailors weren’t particularly happy with the new legislation and had to settle for the next strongest thing they could get their hands on – coffee. As a middle finger to old Joe the name caught on and has been used ever since.

    We are happy to once again welcome Jasper’s Artisan Coffee and their old French Citroen H Van Josephine to our festival.

    The coffees are roasted by Peter and the cakes are made by Lucy, working together in unison to provide you with that perfect little pick me up, rain or shine. Using speciality grade green beans, they are roasted in a Toper to bring out the unique flavour profiles one would expect from such high quality, ethically sourced beans.

    Their signature coffee is the Buxom Espresso Blend which won a 2015 Great Taste Award. This is a blend of Brazilian, Sumatran, Colombian and Indian beans roasted to bring out their natural sweetness. It was described by the Great Taste judges as having “a great silky mouthfeel and a well balanced acidity. A light espresso that delivers distinct caramel, almost maple syrup type tones and well rounded finish”.

    Jasper’s will be around for the entirety of Fringe so come down to the Observatory to pick yourself up a cup and a cake.

By Tom Paston-Cooper